Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jeans of Perfection Svelteness...again.

Well, went shopping with the little sister again, and boy did we hit the jean jackpot! Who knew a Jeans of Perfection Svelteness day could not only occur again, but multiply exponentially as well!?

I was THIS close to buying a secondary set of fantabulous jeans. I was standing in line having pre-buyers remorse. Just didn't think the hubby would be thrilled with the purchase. So, I politely asked the saleslady to put them on hold for me.

I didn't go back for them.

I'm just waiting for Macy's to have another super sale.

Or, use a 40% off any one item coupon. Whatsthatyousay? They don't take Joanns coupons at Macy's?

Why not!?


(Btw, stop by Becca's blog and wish her a happy B-day for tomorrow! )

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  1. I NEED good jeans. Hoping to win those high dollar ones that 5 min. for mom is giving away.


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