Friday, March 28, 2008

No More Bloggy Break

I know, I know, I took a LONG bloggy break. But, it was worth it!

Lance and I went on a much anticipated 2nd honeymoon Mexican cruise trip last week. Pictures are pending! We left Bubbalu behind with his doting grandparents (on both sides). By the end of the week, I think he may have been more pampered than we were (no pun intended)! After getting back home, we stayed up in L-town with our families and played a bit longer.

Drove home through snow today (really? SNOW at the end of march? I am embarrassed to admit I packed shorts and capri's for L-town, silly me) and am settling in again after 6+ loads of laundry.

What happened in the blog world? What did I miss? Other than all you fine folks, of course.


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