Sunday, March 9, 2008

Things I fancy...

I'm supposed to be updating my gift list today so I was surfing for some ideas.

I like these boots:

Size 9, from Targhay'. Why? Well, we live in Washington State, that's why. And it rains on a frequent basis. And no, Shane, I won't wear them as everyday shoes, just out to get the mail and do yard work....when I have a yard...but I don't have one right now...ok, I guess I'll use them to get the mail when it's raining.

And this movie I watched and cried with last night (thank you Oxygen Channel for showing it) :

I also want the book because (gasp!) I've never actually read it. I know, so sad. How can you NOT have read this?! I don't know. Should I read Sense and Sensibility too?

And I think this bag will go nicely with my new white shorts :

Sensing a trend here? Yep, I like the spring green.



  1. I am loving the bag. Where did you find that piece of Spring loveliness?

  2. Love the boots..Shane just doesn't get it. I see preschool moms bringing kids in to school sportin' their cute boots and I think "That is SO practical" my feet and pant legs are drenched from the rain. Hmmm...maybe we should all get Christmas gift perhaps! :)

  3. ok girls, lets gather the sizes and begin the Christmas shopping, with 2 new babies, I need to get the show on the road...but what about Shane's attitude...oh well, Joanie will need them camping for sure!!

  4. That bag is from Walmart??!! I LOVE it! must have that bag.


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