Friday, April 25, 2008

Favorite Find Friday : Community Wide Garage Sales

Oh yes, we are going to get our thrifty on this weekend!

Tomorrow, I am heading up north a bit to attack a large community wide garage sale extravaganza. I am embarrassingly excited. My always-up-for-a-garage-sale thrifty sister and my thrifty mentor and original Queen Bee of the art of Garaging, my Mother, are driving down from their part of the world to experience the community wide garage sale phenomenon with me. Last year at this phenom there were over 170 participating garage sales! 170!! I know!

Here is what is on my garage sale wish list:
  • Board Books - Who doesn't love a good board book!?

( I don't know about fellow Mama's, but why do I feel Bubbalu only has 10 books that we read over and over and OVER?! I know he has a big stack of books, but I get sick of them! But hey, nobody ever said literacy is a bad thing. Also, Bubbalu has developed a disturbing habit of eating his books. I DO feed him...really!! Guess he needs more fiber? Most of his board books have nice Bubbalu-mouth-sized chunks missing from the edges. Do any other Mama's have this kid eating books problem? I keep grabbing the book away from him, "Bubbalu, that is NOT FOOD!!". So, we need some uneaten board books. )

Mkay, got a little distracted there, but here's the rest of the list...

  • Toddler Boy clothes - Bubbalu shot up in height these last few months (45% to 75% over 3 months...hmmm, maybe it was all the books he was eating?) and we are close to being out of clothes. I'll probably be looking for cute, 'OK to get messy' playclothes. No, not like the curtain play clothes from Sound of Music; shorts, T's and such.

  • Sandbox/outdoor toys - I am guessing when we (hopefully) buy our first house later this summer I will want outside toys for Bubbalu to play with.

I especially want one of these:

  • Vintage ceramic cake stand - I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for these. I would really like a few in different colors/heights.

Here is an example:

  • Vintage Cutco knives - Anyone else sell them during college to make ends meet? My hubby did, sorta. We LUV Cutco knives, they are the best.

  • Old big frames - to repaint and frame whatever I feel like. Usually fabric. I'll show you sometime. It's a cheap and beautiful way to freshen up a wall.

  • Ammo Boxes - Cause Hubby and my Papa are BIG-TIME geocachers.

  • Some new underwear for me - Joking. Please, if you thought I was serious, get some help. I REALLY don't understand how some Garagers think that selling/buying old used underwear is OK. It is just...ewww.

That is all I can think of right now, I'll list more as I think of em. I hope to do a 'look what I got!' post after all the craziness of tomorrow is over...

Now, go get your thrifty on!



  1. Nor is it alright for anyone to sell unused underwear at a garage sale (EVEN IF it's still in it's original package)!

    Can't wait to get up at the crack-o-dawn just to snifle through rich people's crap... I mean... stuff.

  2. I LOVE garage sales. I just don't have a partner to go with so I usually miss out.

    Hope you had fun.

    I am embarrassed to admit this but years ago I had a sale with some friends and just for fun they brought out a couple of pair of slinky undies. We sat back and giggled and the reaction from shoppers.

  3. It's always such a rush getting a good garage sale deal!

    Congrats to your hubby for "almost being done with dentistry school!" Awesome!

    And congrats to you for almost being done being a nurse...LOL!

  4. Good luck finding old Cutco, that stuff is like gold! And with the forever guarantee, you could turn them in for new!

    Ok, I admit, I sold them, have them, love em. I just thought, "hey, a knife is a knife". I was wrong! They rock!

    -Mike E

  5. just found your blog. Don't know how but I'm lovin it! And Cutco... Totally sold Cutco, still have a drawer full, my favorite!


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