Friday, April 4, 2008

Favorite Find Friday : Old Navy Flip Flops

Thought I forgot about Favorite Find Friday, huh?

OK, for the find of the week I am choosing Old Navy Flip Flops. The basic colors run $3.50 each, or 2 for $5.00 and at that price, you can have an assortment without breaking the bank. Old Navy has just re-styled them so they are sleeker and don't look as grungy (if that's possible).

Now, I realize flip flips are not the pinnacle of style, but they are functional. I am a realistic Mama who needs to throw on comfy cute footwear to run out of the house.

I refuse to call them thongs anymore, for obvious reasons, despite using the term throughout my entire childhood. I am pretty sure my mom still calls them by their derogatory name, and it makes me giggle when she says that. (I Love You MOM!)

Anyways, I like Old Navy flip flops because they come in so many colors and now patterns!

I love these ones:

...and these:

...and my favorites:

Do I own all of those wonderful pretty patterns? Nope. I own these ones:

I decided they make my toes look tan. See?

Ok, maybe not, but I still luv them.

I may not be able to wear them at home ( where it is currently raining and 45 degrees) for a while, but they are waiting in my closet for me. Yesterday in a brief moment of insanity brought on by unexpected sunshine I threw them on for a jaunt to the swingset.

My toes are STILL cold.


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  1. You caved... I love it.

    But always remember, you willingly CHOSE the white ones. White: It's what life is all about, whether in chocolate or thongs.

    Maybe I'll make that my new motto for life.


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