Saturday, May 24, 2008

Colorful Colors...

Pottery Barn now has their Summer 08 Benjamin Moore picks out for your viewing enjoyment and room inspiration.

Which one do you like? Now be honest, which one would you actually use?

I like Stone House #1039, and would actually paint a whole room that color. Color meaning neutral beige. I don't think I could commit to an entire room full of Pear Green or Poppy. Could you?

Not too long ago I helped my sister paint her spare room a color really close to Key Largo Green. We are SO in the know of color trends.

Actually, I am hopelessly devoted to my dear chocolate brown. Any other chocolate brown addicts out there?



  1. Okay I love chocolate brown...well one wall and then add a bunch of off-white or white as furniture or odds and ends...then lightly touch it with maroon!

    But out of those colors I would choose the same as you! :)

    shelle at

  2. I'm in hopes of pink! Lots of pink! But I do want to paint my bedroom chocolate brown also!

  3. I think I could commit to the pear green in a small room, like a bathroom or something.

  4. I love chocolate brown too! I like Baltimore sky or perennial, but would probably do just one wall in a room. =) All the colors are really pretty though.

  5. My living room is very close to the Stone House color....I love it!

    And I gotta say... I really love the Poppy...I know it's so bright, but I think it's gorgeous! The Pear Green, not so much, at least not for an entire room.

  6. Actually, I think that Pear Green color is very close to my daughter's bedroom. The green with bright pink...I love it! It's such a bright, cheery room! My kitchen is close to the marblehead gold. We're all about vibrant over here :-) The chocolate brown is fantastic, though. My parents had their bathroom redone in that color--it's fabulous!

  7. See this is why we should be friends. My whole house is practically chocolate brown. I am toying with some pear green for the guest room. And in my old condo I had a red kitchen. I loved it, my favorite room in that place.

  8. I wish I had the motivation to paint my house. This weekend I saw all the things our neighbors had done and it made me want to remodel.

  9. My faves are GREENWICH VILLAGE, FIRE AND ICE, ADOBE ORANGE, and POOLSIDE. But those are also the colors in my house. But if you wanted to try something new, I would do greens and browns!!! ;) You dweeb!!!


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