Sunday, May 11, 2008

Flowers and Such...

Christy over at Real Life Adventures gave me eflowers today! Thanks girl!

My husband gave me REAL flowers, and the greeter at church gave me a bright red Gerbera Daisy. I'm feeling blessed with blooms.

My own Mom and my Mother in-law are two very special blossoms in my life. They are SO much more than just 'Mom' to me. They are two friends, confidantes, mentors, encouragers and cheerleaders in my life. Saying a cliche "Happy Mother's Day" greeting doesn't even begin to convey my feelings regarding them. Mom and Mom, I love you SO much. Thank you for being who and what you are in my life.

I'm also blessed to have my Bubbalu. He's too little to wish me a verbal Happy Mother's Day greeting. But every time he snuggles with me, lays his head down on my shoulder, or stares into my eyes with his mischievous sparkle, he tells me.

My husband tells me every time he helps around the house without being asked, bringing me an extra blanket in bed when I'm cold (even though he'll be roasting soon), or just smiling at me when I'm holding Bubbalu. I KNOW he thinks I'm an awesome Mom. He tells me this often. We both know I make mistakes, have hard days, crabby days, or just plain lazy days. That isn't the measure of a good mother. I love my Bubbalu, and am raising him in the best way I possibly can.

To all you Mama's out there, a sincere and heartfelt Happy Mother's Day to you. I pray you have been blessed.

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."
[Proverbs 22:6]



  1. Happy Mother's Day! I, too, am very lucky to have both a mother and a MIL that I adore. I have two Bubbaloo's with one more on the way : ).

    I saw your comment on Christy's blog, and Beth's too. I am very good IRL friends with Christy, and I'm just beginning to know Beth, through her friendship with Christy.

  2. Man I am behind on your bog girl!
    1. Happy mother’s day to you, I hope you had a wonderful day! I hope your mom reads your blog cause it was well said.
    2. So going to try the marinade! YUMMY!
    3. OMG to the lady with 18 children! REALLY??! I think I would never have sex again.
    4. LOL to the blow outs... I have so been there, but you had it UNDER CONTROL! U GO!
    5. The Camo... that is too funny. That is why Todd doesn’t dress our children. I do have to admit he does looks pretty darn cute

  3. I love your blog! I love the fajita lime marinade recipe! You go girl!!

  4. I am crying because I am so touched and happy that you're my super special wonderous daughter. I LOVE YOU! Mom

  5. God has blessed me so richly to have you in my life! Thank you for making me feel special, and loved, you have added an immense richness to my life! I love ya girl!! are an amazing mommy and wife to my son!!

  6. What a sweet post, loved the comments from your moms.


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