Friday, May 9, 2008

Her Uterus Must Be Tired...

Yep, the Duggars are expecting their 18th child. Read more about it here.

If I was her Labor & Delivery nurse, I would be very afraid. Very afraid.


Her uterus is tired. Tired uteri don't like to work as well as they did back in the single digit pregnancies. She's at a huge risk for hemorrhage. I pray that she is just fine with this little one.

Wonder what she'll name this one?



  1. God calls us to different things! This woman loves her kids, she loves her husband, and I honor her for not conveniently disposing of unplanned pregnancies!! I too believe she is in danger, would not want to be her, but I would rather be her meeting her Creator than someone who blatantly disposes of her unplanned children! God honors those who honor HIM!

  2. OMG I LOVE this song. This and another one I was going to look for when I had the chance. Yeah. I don't have to figure out the artist now. :)

  3. Want to know the most hilarious thing... Tattoo (the other song is also by Jordin Sparks). I think I just found a new favorite artist. Had to share how lame I am. lol

  4. At this point don't the kids just kind of fall out?


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