Monday, May 12, 2008

Just An Ordinary Day...

Walking on the trail, peeking at the ducks, we may have fed them a goldfish or two from Bubbalu's emergency stroller stash. Folks, this pic was taken only two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS. And yes, he is wearing a hat, full coat and cozy blankie in this pic. Hello!? Where is our spring? ~sigh~

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have finally discovered the wonderment of dandelions:

Ooo, I want THIS one...

We also discovered Mama won't let you eat the dandelions.

So, we moved on to sticks :

Which were VERY exciting, until we discovered that Mama won't let you eat those either.

So we went back to the dandelions, hoping Mama would forget. She didn't.

Just another ordinary day...



  1. He is adorable! My little girl likes to taste everything too. Just to make sure it's fun to play with!

  2. I love that little tyke!

  3. See, even he picks flowers for you for Mother's Day.

  4. Has he tried dog food? If it gets quiet at my house you MUST check the dog food. There's sure to be a baby in it.


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