Friday, May 2, 2008

Let's All Talk About Some Hair...

I have medium length brown hair, with an amazing cut, courtesy of my Beautificationist. And can I say, having a REALLY good cut is completely worth the money. It save tons of time and energy, and tends to last a long time.

Case in point : I woke up late this morning (Bubbalu slept in) and didn't have time to wash my hair before meeting with my prayer group ladies. So, flat-iron a few sections, hairspray here and there, and presto! Uber chic hair.

Now, I normally wouldn't talk about myself so much (ha!, who'd you think this whole blawg thing is about anyways?!), but I get more compliments on the days I don't wash my hair and do my presto flat-ironing than when I shampoo and do the whole product/blow dry/flat-iron/hairspray/finishing spray/glossy stuff regimen. WEIRD. It's totally given me a showering complex. Do I shampoo? Or not? They won't like it if I shampoo. They will withhold compliments. They are watching me...

Anyways, moving on.

My Beautificationist says it can be very drying to shampoo daily. All I can say, I am GLAD there is a reasonable reason (excuse) for busy Mama's to ditch the shampoo on a daily basis. Bubbalu will only last in the pack 'n play for one Veggietales, so my time better be well spent.

I DO have to say that I always shampoo after I run because, and I'll be completely honest here, my hair is NASTY after a long run. Ewwww.

What about y'all? Shampoo daily? Weekly? Monthly!?



  1. At least once a day for me. I'm 32 and have the oily scalp of a 13 year old!

  2. I used to wash every day, but then I started washing 3 times a week and my hair never looked better!! And my hair would get SO Dry from drying it. It was awful. I"m jealous that you can just wake up and flat iron and go. I have to do a little more to mine. ANd I love your color... !!! Love it!!!

  3. Do you miss me or what? I must be on your mind! LOL! :) Every other or every third day for me! But I think it's greasier now that I'm preggo!

  4. I have a pal who washes once a week and let me tell you, her hair looks awesome! Mine gets pretty greazy after about teh 2nd day so, every other day is my regimen. to you later!

  5. THat is weird you would talk about this. I JUST switched to washing every other day. Except when I go to the gym cause I am with you, gross. I am not sure my hair looks any better, but I heard it helps so I am givin' it a try.

  6. Daily, I just feel gross if I don't... Wish I didn't though.

  7. I have to shampoo everyday. This curly doo look horrible in the mornings.


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