Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maternity Swimwear & Other Tactics of Humiliation..

Well folks, I went maternity swimsuit shopping with my Mother-in-law and preggers sister Megs yesterday. We were unimpressed with the store's selection, and Megs needs to continue her quest for the perfect maternity swimsuit.

Which brought me to a question for y'all:

I'm interested in what will happen here. AND, I'm not gonna tell what I think until later tomorrow...



  1. I had a pal who did the bikini wear adn she looked adorable. You get some glances here in texas but man, if I could do that...the stretchmarks rule that out! Oh well. Tankini it is...

  2. I want to see the tallies!!! I actually wish I could have voted for more than one....

  3. I'd say one-piece would do the trick. Too much clothes and you would feel like you were wearing a wet tent! But a bikini...well let's just leave a little bit to the imagination ok?

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