Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother Goose...

Our little family went out this morning for a quick jaunt in the protected wetlands area by our house. Lance wasn't due at school until after lunch...such a senior slacker! Lance often takes Bubbalu there to get some energy out and see the ducks and geese.

I am a protective Mama. I see the possibility of bad things in most situations. For instance, when Bubbalu is walking along a trail and two large geese (larger than he is) notice his presence. Um, not good. Yes, it is the spring "we're making goslings and I'm a protective Mama goose" season Also, I am sure these geese are no strangers to goldfish cracker handouts. I get a leetle nervous when he gets too close.

Have you NEVER seen America's Funniest Home Videos? Or AFV for those who watch it daily. It is one of my all time favorite television shows. It always makes me laugh.

Have you seen the videos of kids getting attacked by various large fowl? It's one thing if you are ten or eleven, but Bubbalu is only 17 months old.

I pictured these huge geese running at him feathers flying and attacking him. I just couldn't let that happen. So, I quickly picked him up and carried him.

Lance made fun of me. "I let him walk past geese ALL THE TIME, it's not like their going to attack him or anything".

Am I paranoid? Probably. Did the geese attack him today? No. Did Mama feel like she was protecting her offspring? Yep.

It's just too bad her precious protected offspring danced in the goose poop...



  1. Hey, fowl attacks do happen. How does he think those videos are made.

  2. just found your blog..surfing I like ur style. You were going on about auto play..crap I never thought about it cuz if I hate the song I slam on the mute button..but I can see your point about sleeping babies.

    Funny about your kids stepping in fowl crap.
    Come see my blog.


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