Thursday, May 15, 2008

Música Silenciosa...

I was reading a blog post over at The DiaperDiaries about the most common blog peeves that people have. What was the biggest one? Music that played automatically. Hmmm...

I like to listen to music on blogs and am a huge music fan. However, in an effort to keep the interpeeps happy...I've taken away the auto-play feature on our lovely music.

Why am I caving to this? It's MY blog, I can do whatever I want!!

Actually, it is because I have SO been there, with a sleeping baby in my arms, just getting some fun bloggy reading time, when loud music starts up and wakes my sleeping child.

However, I will continue to change up the music on my lovely blawg, you just now have to actually press the play button.

Where's the music? It is on the right side just under my profile. Not too hard to find!

And, may I make this disclaimer...if I don't like the silence, I may change it back! 'Cause like I said, it's MY blawg...

Comments? Thoughts? Discuss...



  1. Ha ha, at least you have good music. I've been so annoyed by blogs that have LOUD and STRANGE music blasting suddenly. By the way, I'm not supposed to be online; I'm supposed to be taking Ella to tae kwon do. See you at church ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Probably a good move, but I pushed play cause I like your music. Did someone leave a nasty comment? I see you had to remove someone :)

  4. Oh, this is funny. I read something similar a few weeks ago on Big Mama's site, and I took my music down, too. :( Which made me sad, 'cause I liked my music....but the things we do, huh?

    Love your song, by the way!

  5. TheDiaperDiaries, that deleted post was mine =) I accidentally posted the same comment twice! Oh, I should have kept quiet and left Ms. Vintage Dutch Girl in suspense...too late ;)

  6. Very considerate of you! I keep my volume muted (for the reason of a possible sleeping Wog), so it never even noticed your music.

    But you're right... it's YOUR blawg! Do your thang, girl!

  7. I kinda like it better when you press play. You always have great music, just sometimes you're not in the mood to listen! But I don't care if you change it...until you wake my sleeping baby, lol!

  8. Thank you thank you. I tend to read and respond to blogs late at night and our computer is near our baby's room Lately, though I have been getting better about muting my volume before I get on. But you know that I love your blog and would read regardless.

  9. I have had the same requests. Evidently too many people get busted bloghopping at the office ;)

  10. Hi Amanda,

    I am delurking! I love reading your blog, but didn't know if you would think it was strange. But I was talking to Lance tonight and he assured me that you didn't mind. I love seeing all the pics of Jude and I have always admired what an awesome mom you are!


  11. A vote for silence initially and having to click to hear the music. How else can I safely surf in meetings? :-)

  12. Marissa MichiganMay 16, 2008 at 7:55 AM

    I actually liked the fact your blog had music. You are the only blog that I go that has music. I say it's up to you - it's your blog.

  13. I always love listening to your music - and it gives me a glimpse into my peeps...hearing what they love to listen to. I will be pressing play!


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