Friday, May 23, 2008

My Dilemma...

I am ecstatic that my wonderful husband, after nine long years of post high education, is graduating from Dental School two weeks from Saturday! I couldn't be more proud of him.

We have always felt like we are kind of playing house. That we are not really adults, we're just pretending to be married with an 18 month old running around.

However, we ARE adults, we DO have an 18 month old, and we are most definitely married.


So graduation is approaching rapidly, which leads to my dilemma. I'm gonna need some help on this one.

What do I wear?

Is a dress too formal? A sundress? Classy bermuda shorts and funky top? Svelte jeans with a trendy top? Ahhh! Help!

Seriously, help me. Give me some ideas. Keep in mind it'll probably be 60ish degrees with a chance of rain, cause that's just how it is done in Washington...



  1. for 60 degrees? I would say some nice jeans and a cute top. Maybe with a cute light jacket over it.
    The college graduations I have been to have all been casual/nice. Nothing too dressy. if it is a really prestigious, high class school, then I might go a little dressier, but just be comfortable, and nice.
    That's just my two sense.
    Anyways, Hi, I am Katrina! I randomly came across your blog. =)

  2. A - I would wear nicer pants with a cute top. I remember for Clint's Masters grad. I wore that and felt appropriately dressed. :)

  3. I say dress...but nothing too formal. A sundress with a cute sweater would look fabulous! I think jeans are too casual for your hubby's graduation. Anyone else going no prob. When Nat graduated I wore those white dress pants with a black top. So nice pants would look fab too. Good luck!!! We'll do a fashion show if we need to!

  4. Wear your sexy bikini pants! I don't approve of them, but I also won't be there to judge you ;)

  5. 60 degrees... I'd say a pair of nice gray dress pants with a cute spring-ish top. :) Have fun!


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