Thursday, May 1, 2008

Special Maternity Request...

In response to my sweet, preggers, beautificationist sister Megan, (she is one of two sisters of mine who are expecting) who asked about needing a cute maternity swimsuit. Here are some options for looking uber cute and summer chic while pregnant.

This 2-piece Tankini from Walmart is a great deal with cute colors and a halter tie around the neck, for only $25.88:

And, if you are walking around at your pool party (which I AM invited to, right!?) and want to be covered up a bit, here's a nice denim banded short, again from Walmart, for only $13.97:

If you are feeling super girly, here is a great Junior Chain Halter Dress from, where else, Walmart. I saw this one in the store, and it had PLENTY of room for a nice beautiful belly. Guess what? It's only $12.88:

Throw some comfy flip flops on with this one, and you are pool party ready. Just bring your sunscreen!

Here's another cute basic black Tankini Top and Bottom from Target for $32.99 :

If all else fails, you always have Old Navy for a Mix and Match tankini suit at the price of 2 for $28.00. Their website also says free returns on all Maternity styles. Not too shabby!

OK Megs, hoped this helped. Let us all know what you end up with! And Laura, let us know what chic summer maternity styles you'll be rockin'...



  1. Very cute. I love the first one best

  2. Makes me want to be big and prego this summer! Oh - wait - no it doesnt!

  3. ^ What Shauna said! They are cute options for those who are pregnant, though!

  4. YEAH! I LOVE your cute little fashion bloggies. I sure need a little fashion in my life.

  5. Thanks! The first one is my fave, but I think I also want a cute bikini...

  6. Let the belly hang out! Goodness knows I did!

  7. Cute stuff... but I'm sure I've never seen the likes of it in MY Wallyworld maternity dept! But, you can bet I'll be sure to check again next time I'm there!


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