Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Shopping We Will Go...

Just cruising's what I found:

Pair this Square-Neck Pintuck Top:

With these Roll-Cuff Shorts:

( don't you just love how long, lean and toned my legs are?! )

Grand total of $26.82, give or take $10,000-40,000 for the liposuction, leg lengthening, laser leg hair removal and weekly salon spray-on tan.

HellOOO!! Isn't this Pierce Shantung Dress completely adorable!?

Every great dress needs a rockin pair of shoes :

Colored pumps/stilettos seem to be en vogue this season. I like how this shoe is Dorothy meets the vixen.

Grand total $46.87. And yes, I strayed from Wallyworld to find the shoes at Target. And no, I don't think I am daring enough to wear the dress. I'd like to think I am. We'll see.



  1. Whatever, A. I could totally see you rocking that dress w/ red heels, holding Jude, standing next to Lance (arm around your waist), and posing in front of your awesome new house for your first family photo there. Did you get the outfit yet?

  2. Fabulous! I second won, let's see you rock the dress in front of the new crib.

  3. Loving the shoes! OMG gots to head out to Target! I think you can totally pull that off!

  4. Why are you so amazing at picking out clothes but not daring enough to wear it!?! You KNOW you'd look awesome in it!

  5. Awesome finds! Can't wait to be out of maternity clothes!!

  6. Those are the cutest outfits! =) Love the shoes!

  7. will you consider vacationing here so we can go shopping together. What if I say "pretty please?"

  8. U go girl... super cute buys! LOVE ME SOME WAL-MART


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