Saturday, June 28, 2008

Superb Ice...

Yeah, I know, I've been gone for a bit.

A bit meaning 10 days. I DO have some good excuses though.

We finished packing up all our belongings (junk) and moved into our first house. Goodbye to nine years of apartments! We are thrilled to have such luxuries as a backyard (full of dirt and weeds, but I'm NOT complaining!), a garage to park our car in (we could finally fit it in amongst all the junk yesterday), and an ice and water dispenser in the fridge.

Seriously, the ice is a HUGE deal for me. I'm easy to please. I feel spoiled because I don't have to fill those annoying little trays with water to make ice. I usually would end up spilling half the water out of the trays anyways. So, I've been drinking a decaf iced vanilla latte this morning, and can I say, the ice is SUPERB.

See? Easy to please.

Bubbalu has been adjusting rather well. He's sleeping well, which I am certain is because of the endless running around he does, exploring every nook and cranny in our home.

How is everyone else? Any new news? I haven't been surfing the blogisphere lately, but WILL return soon...I promise.



  1. You're prego duh, you can totally skip blogging.

    But a HOUSE. OMG. I can't wait to see pics and brag on you.

    Yay! Hooray!! (for ice). ;-)

  2. I disagree...skipping the blogging is unacceptable!!! I'm still doing it! In fact, I STARTED preggo! ;) Love you anyways. And YES things are new!!! My baby is WAKING ME UP AT NIGHT!!

  3. A, I totally missed saying goodbye to you :( Lots of busybusybusy things going on, and I've been gone Sundays due to my parents new church needing me to be the summer pianist. Anyway, send my your new address via my gmail account -- I have a little summer thing for Jude that I never got around to giving him...

  4. Oh, how nice, you must be so relieved to be in the new house. I bet you're going to go crazy with the decorating now, huh?


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