Thursday, July 24, 2008

Toddler Friendly Insta-pizza...

1. Take open hot dog bun and get it all nice and crispy using your BBQ, toaster, toaster oven, or your oven.

2. Squirt any tomato-based sauce on the insides. Use bottled pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, BBQ sauce, or like I did, ketchup. Cause we gotta teach them young to love the ketchup. That's how we roll in this house.

3. Pile shredded cheese and various toppings on. I just used plain ole mozzarella and nothing else.

4. Nuke until the cheese melts.

5. Cool and serve.

6. Viola! Easy toddler friendly insta-pizza.



  1. Smart! Were you inspired by the campfire experience?

  2. Growing up in a family of 5 kids with a limited budget this was about the only kind of pizza we had. My mom used english muffins and put them under the broiler. My kids love helping to make them by putting their own toppings on.

  3. We used to do that with hamburger buns when I was a kid. :)

  4. sounds interesting. I know we had the english muffin version. =)

  5. I do this with just plain ol' loaf bread. And a Kraft single on top will do in a pinch!


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