Friday, August 22, 2008

From The Sarge...

Listen up troops, I'm running this base, so when I say "jump" you say, "how high? SIR!"

Y'got that?

Do I LOOK like I'm joking?

We are heading out for a week and a half of fun in the sun (actually, rain) on the Oregon Coast. Have a great week!



  1. Amanda!!!! He is not a baby anymore! He looks like a little man! I can't believe how tall he is.
    Hope you have fun this week and the weather cooperates.

  2. GREAT NEWS! Nope, not THAT kind of news -- I'm definitely not pregnant. Seriously, I finally sent Jude's farewell gift. Ella picked out the interesting packaging, so...anyway, it should get there by the weekend. Too bad I didn't know until right now that y'all aren't even going to be home! We just don't have the best timing, do we?

  3. Amanda,

    I have been meaning to say hi for a while. Congrats on the upcoming baby girl!! That is so exciting. Hope everything is going well for you guys. I will have to catch up with Lance sometime soon. I love reading your blog to see how you guys are doing!

  4. Wow, so cute. I love, love, love the second one of him peering over the top of the sunglasses.

    He's going to be a great big brother ;)

    Hope you're enjoying your vacation. We just got back from a doozy ourselves. Lots of plans foiled by rain, but we still had so much fun!


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