Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sun and Summer Love...

Well, my sister and I are back from our week in Phoenix. We are a bit more tan, MUCH more relaxed, and very rested.

We mastered the art of a Phoenix vacation by laying in the sun much of the day and watching movies while pigging out on yummy snacks during our sun break times.

We had great plans for working out in the air conditioned gym adjacent to the pool, but never seemed to make it over there.

Wanna know why? This is the pool:

Yeah, that's why.

I couldn't bake in the sun as intensely as I normally would have done. I just didn't think my baby would appreciate body temperatures around 100 degrees, so I mostly hung out on the side of the pool and read a book (well, I actually read 4 books, and played numerous Sudoku games).

I also drank almost a gallon of water a day and watched a total of about 10 movies. Not too shabby!

The highlight of the trip was witnessing a dear cousin of mine be married to her sweetheart. And while we (my Sister, Aunts, Grandma and girl Cousins) emulated the 'Big Fat Greek Wedding' scene the morning of the wedding at my Aunt's house, we managed to keep our craziness in check for the wedding ceremony and reception. Well, for the most part anyways. I am NOT posting a picture of me dancing the Twist.

For your enjoyment, a wedding picture tribute. Click on the play button to serenade your viewing:

Discover Louis Armstrong!

Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife?

You may now kiss the bride:

Now presenting for the first time Mr. and Mrs...:

They're Married!!!

Bouquet tossing:

Garter-fetching and tossing:

The proud garter catcher, who slid in Travolta style to snatch his prize, nearly causing my Aunt to fall off her chair in hysterics:

The last dance:

Off to Mexico!

Congratulations Bree & Nick, we love you guys!



  1. Thanks so much for posting these pictures and sending the others to me earlier. My daughter is a beautiful bride!

  2. Sounds like you had way too much fun without me!

  3. Did you get to do all of this without children? WOWSERS!!!!! Lucky you : ).

  4. ahhh...weddings! Feels like I haven't been to one in ages now that all my friends are married...oh wait, we have one in December! Hooray!

  5. That pool is gorgeous. Take me with you next time.


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