Friday, October 10, 2008

An Apple (or Eight) A Day...

I was feeling quite Martha today. VERY ambitious in the culinary department.

My parents have 4 apple trees and I have a paper grocery bag full of apples just begging to be peeled and chopped into goodness.

So, after Bubbalu was down for his nap (hallelujah!) I rolled up my sleeves (actually, I had a t-shirt on, but WHATEVER) and got to work.

While he recharged his battery I managed to create:
  • Basic Pumpkin pie

  • Apple pie with crumble top
  • Apple spice bundt cake
  • Apple crisp (which I donated to my sister)

  • Autumn minestrone soup

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte (recipe to follow sometime soon)

  • A VERY messy kitchen
Whew! And that t-shirt I was wearing? Completely covered in flour and a few speckles of apple chunks.

I think Mama needs to make herself some adorable aprons, such as this one from Better Homes and Gardens:

or this one I found on Etsy:

Or this sassy red one, also on Etsy:

Hmmmm, my sewing machine is calling to me...



  1. Holy cow, you're posting again! And baking, apparently! I'm very impressed. Just one of those would have exhausted me. You go girl! And you definitely need an apron. That belly catches lots of crumbs, but it shouldn't have to do all the work!

  2. Wow I'm impressed, how very domesticated. I am jelous! Great JOB!

  3. "zero energy"? really? you seem to be accomplishing fantastic fetes of apple delight! ;)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope that our ideas are as fun to you as those aprons were to me.

  4. Wow!! You accomplished all that while Bubbalu was sleeping! You're a super-woman. For real! Can I come over and have some of your apple treats? I'll bring the coffee and elastic waistband pants!

  5. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my know it's a small world when one of my very dear friends is LoraLynn at VitaFamiliae (Hey there LL!). We have been friends since pre-kiddo days in Virginia. CRAZY BLOG STUFF!! Love this time of year when we can pull out the baking stuff without worrying about heating up the house. Word on the street is Grandma K makes a mean apple pie!

  6. Talk about using your time wisely, Miss A. I'd love to taste your cooking or baking any day. (I love the Jude-on-the-piano pictures. Wait 'til he starts jumping off. Don't think about that. Ella's known to do some daredevil jumping at preschool...several emails and phone calls home last year...never mind. Love that sassy red apron, by the way. You should make THAT one!)

  7. Ok...I NEED you to make me one of the sassy red aprons!!! :) Now that I can cook again being that Levi is not in utero anymore and I'm not puking at the sight of food I NEED a cute new apron!! Want me to buy some fabric for you? :)


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