Friday, October 17, 2008

From Drab To Fab...

In the interest of maximizing girliness and minimizing financial irresponsibility, I've been busy turning my 2 drab boppy covers from this:

To this:

BIG improvement!

Pardon the model taking up so much of the pic.

They are my first attempt at zippers. What was I so scared about? They aren't that hard! A zipper foot does help though.

Check out the green zipper I put in the second cover (thanks Mom!) :

Gives it a little fun.

Plus, the yummy, very washable flannel cost me less than 6 bucks. Oh yeah baby, our budget LOVES me!

I was tempted to get the matching boppy and cover for the set that I picked out, but just can't justify spending $49.99 on it.

It IS beautiful though, no?

Oh well, that just means I have $44.00 to spend on other fun things, right?

I'm such a good saver (wink wink)...



  1. very cute! You're SO thrifty! :)

  2. Oh, I wish I were one tenth as crafty as you...look at all the money you saved! Amazing, and I think they look just as good as the expensive ones.

  3. I'm *that* kind of saver, too. :) We have that cloud cover, too! It was Drew's. I did get a new pink one when I had Madeline, but it was only $9 and not flannel or anything special, just cotton.

  4. So crafty and cute!I love the Olivia set. Not just because of the name either. ;-) BTW the "baby sister" onesie was from Gymboree.

  5. WOW look at you go with your zipper and covers! VERY nice...VERY NICE!!! I would love to make you some bows for your new princess in the making! e- mail me your address (

  6. i'm very impressed. i've done zippers before but now i can't remember how....

  7. As someone who has seen them in person, I can attest to the great job she did on them! I almost tried to steal one to use as a pillow the other night.

  8. I'm so jealous of your craftiness! Great job on the Boppy cover!


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