Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Snail Trails...

Do you know what the worst thing is about toddler cold snooky noses?

(I mean, the worst thing after having to watch your child suffer.)

It is the snail trails of snot left all over your clothing. Just a quick exam in the mirror shows I have a snail trail on my shoulder (from giving my frustrated toddler a cozy hug), my sleeve, and on the side of my shirt.

I've had this shirt on for an HOUR.


So, if you happen to randomly drop by my house (which I don't recommend unless you want to come down with our plague or be forced into manual housework) please excuse my appearance and the snail trails.



  1. Oh, the snail trails (or slug trails as I like to call them). I've had my fair share. The thing that drives me nuts is when BJ wipes his nose on his shirtsleeve, arm, the front of his shirt, etc. For pete's sake, I have 327 boxes of Kleenex in the house and car and even on the front porch!

    I hope Bubalu feels better soon. Having a sick toddler is no fun at all.

    And if I stop by to visit, I promise not to notice ;)

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  3. I'm waiting for the day when my clothes don't show any "child stains"...from snail trails to food stuck to me during a meal.


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