Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And It's Begun...

So far Bubbalu has been spoiling me.

Bubbalu loves his truck bed. He is a good sleeper most of the time, taking 2ish hour naps every afternoon and in bed for 12 hours at night. He often talks and plays in bed but never gets out of bed. He ALWAYS waits for me. I do realize how good I have it. Um...I mean had.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday morning he must have heard us up and about downstairs and decided to get out by himself, "hi Mommy, hi Daddy!".

And a good hour before he should be up from his afternoon nap he came sauntering down the stairs holding 2 pieces of his nightlight, "hi Mommy, hi Daddy!".

Oh crap...



  1. Which is why we have hook n' eye locks on the OUTSIDE of our kids' doors. It's as much for their safety as my sanity. :)

  2. we had the door handle twisty jobbies on the inside of Elliots room but just a baby gate for grace. Most nights grace would fall asleep on the floor next to the gate. Neither of them really threw fits just wanted to check things out. Good luck it is a true test of patience.

  3. The ups and downs of Mommyhood...the good news is it always gets better again!


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