Monday, January 19, 2009

A Cake With Wheels...

Did anybody else's Mom make themed birthday cakes for you growing up? My Mom always made us a special theme cake for our birthday. Some of the themes over the years were dolls, teddy bears, trucks (for my brother), a barbie cake and 3-D candy house.

Last year for Bubbalu's first birthday I made a monkey face cake to fit his monkey party:

Bubbalu turned 2 in December and because he is obsessed with anything truck, car, or motorcycle (AKA "Lululululu" in Bubbalu language, NO idea where that came from!) Mama made a truck cake.

I used a 9x13 sheet cake cut into thirds, stacked and 'glued' them with frosting then trimmed the sides:

Next a shaved down mini-loaf pan cake became the cab and an extra cake piece (one that I actually didn't eat during the shaving process) became the hood:

Next up, make blue frosting:

ALWAYS let the youngun lick the spoon! It's a rite of passage and provides cute pictures, see?

Lil Chick was kinda crabby, so Mama threw her in the Moby and went right back to work painting the truck:

Finished product, with mini bundt pan cake "wheels" and pretzel wipers, grill and door handle:

Notice where the door handle is? Yeah, I moved it to the correct spot after Lance pointed it out. He thought that was funny.

Hint: use chocolate donuts for the wheels, cause mini bundt pan cake wheels are annoying.

I used red hots for the tail lights and a hershey bar for the license plate.

Our family of four at Bubbalu's birthday party:

Bubbalu blew out the candle the very first try! Notice how surprised/excited Lance is? Hilarious:

Because he blew the candle out so quickly, we re-lit it a good 3 more times for optimal photographic opportunities:

I think it's safe to say Bubbalu liked his cake:

Inspired? Check out this website or this website for some ideas, techniques and pictures. And be sure to post your creations!



  1. Super fun! My birthday was right around Easter so my mom always did a bunny, or Easter egg themed cake for me. I did a monkey cake for Chandler's #2, and then for his #3 I did a rice crispy and fruit loop cake. I'll have to try a truck cake this next year.

  2. Super cute, Amanda! I might make this for Kevin's next birthday, he'll love the chocolate donuts!

    I did a Strawberry Shortcake cake for Corinne one year, it took me ages to do, squeezing pink frosting one little star at a time. Oy! But it turned out looking like the picture on the cake pan [thumbs up]. I also did a bunny cake one year. That one didn't turn out so good.

    You are one talented mama, decorating an important cake and keeping Emmy content, all at the same time. Impressive!

  3. Happy Birthday VERY IMPRESSIVE cakes, you have a hidden talent there! You are one amazing Momma!

  4. Nice job! I love doing the themed cakes for my kids. I'm currently mulling over how to do a pig wearing high heels for my daughter. Thoughts?

  5. How Cute! It's so little boy that my 50 year old husband would like and might request!

  6. Jae & I were looking at your Christmas card, and we both agreed that you & Lance are a GOOD-LOOKING couple. Totally off topic, but I had to mention it before I forget to tell you.

  7. You are so full of motherly awesomeness!!

    That cake rocks and ROLLS!

    I think you're a shoo in for Mommy of the Decade :)

  8. Genious! I am very impressed, not to mention inspired!


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