Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Girl Quilt Episode Four...And Finale!!!

The last time I posted about Baby Girl Quilt was November 1st. Oh my. We had just a wee bit going on in between then and now.

When we left off on Episode Three (find Episode Two and One here) I had just finished piecing the quilt top and made my quilt sandwich, getting ready for the machine quilting.

I sporadically worked on the machine quilting, as it takes up a good chunk of time. I stipple stitched the inside white border and lined the triangles that make up the pinwheels:

Stitching the layers together gives it that nice puffyness, see?:

Next up the binding, which is always a chore. I hand stitch the back of my double thickness binding which creates a finished look that will stand up through multiple washes.

I pulled the last stitch through right about when Jack Bauer was kicking in the door to Marika's apartment on 24. Good times.

And now, I present the final finished project:


I am thrilled to have finished it when Lil Chick is 2 months old, compared to Bubbalu's quilt, which I finished one week before his 1 year birthday party.

I actually used the exact same pattern for both quilts just girlified it this time around.

Now I just have to figure out what my next sewing project will be...have any fun ideas?



  1. I think I may have a few ideas.... :)

    And the quilt turned out great!

  2. Wow, you are super-talented! Here I am, still in my jammies, since I will consider it an accomplishment if I get everyone dressed by noon, and you have made quilts for your kiddos! Great job, you deserve a big gold star!

  3. Beautiful! You are one talented Momma the best I can do is stitch witchery!

    That is something she will cherish her entire life and most likely pass down to her daughter.

    I BOW at you feet oh great one.

    seriously fantastic job.

  4. LOVE the quilt! I hope to accomplish one of those some day. Did you have instructions or just did it on your own? I've just gotten into sewing this past year and now want to try new things. My next project is a market bag. We'll see how it turns out.
    Your kids will definitely treasure their quilts!

  5. Rachael, in answer to your question, I make all my own patterns (imagine me with a calculator, lots of paper, a pencil with no eraser left, and a headache :) ) and often customize (meaning change) as I go and as I see how the project is turning out.

    Yes, do a market bag and post! Can't wait to see it :)

  6. That is beautiful! I just started sewing last year and have not the confidence to start a quilt, although I would love to:) I've had a lot of fun sewing cute vintage style aprons. Don't know if you already have a bunch, but there's an idea:)


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