Monday, February 9, 2009

Milestones & Fart Commercials - A Perfect Mix...

Lil Chick is 2 months old today. I am so excited that she looks normal now, with appropriate chubbiness. There's nothing like a chubby baby and knowing your milk made them that way... a super ego boost.

I love Daddy and Daddy loves me:

Lil Chick being 2 months old means Bubbalu is now almost 2 years and 2 months old. He LOVES 'Baby Sithster' (he REFUSES to say her name) and tries to comfort her when she cries. He also loves her activity gym and will often hang out with her under it:

Of course, notice he still is holding a car. Or in this next picture, a random piece that goes with his tool set:

He is growing by leaps and bounds, learning new things daily. I would say he is an information junkie at this point, copying almost every word, phrase, or sentence we say. Time to crack down on our comments, jokes and adult metaphors. Cause you know when they whip those doosies out, right? Grocery store, Grandma's house, CHURCH. "Mommy said FART! Fart Fart FART!".

That SO makes me laugh. Why?

Well, this commercial, that's why:

Why why WHY do I think potty humor is so stinking hilarious? (Hee hee hee, ignore puns, really, for your own sanity.) I'm supposed to be all classy and refined, but this completely cracks me up! Please tell me I'm not alone in this.

ANYWAYS, back to Bubbalu...

He is obsessed with letters and numbers and asks to do his letters and numbers puzzles ALL DAY LONG. I am frankly quite sick of em, but he is so excited to do them I just can't say no to him. He is also starting to do more reading on his own:

And spends an enormous amount of time standing on the windowsill, freaking out the neighbors and just taking it all in:

He's only fallen twice...that we know of. And when he does, he's just so ticked off about the whole thing he jumps right back up there. No "get back up on that horse Son" from us. Actually, Mama is usually trying to distract him from crawling up there again.

So, two months ago? Here's where we were:

And today? Feeling 'completely and incandescently happy'...



  1. The window was/is a favorite perch for my kiddos too...what doesn't kill them...;-)

  2. It's a great day here, too! I love the sun!

  3. Oh, I am so happy for you Amanda! My daughter, who is five, loves potty talk. All. the. time.

    Here's our bedtime conversation the other night:
    Sophie- Mommy, your farts are stinky (mind you, I hadn't even farted, at least not that night, ha ha)


    Sophie- Daddy says your farts smell like rotten eggs (I appropriately burst out laughing).

    Me- What do your farts smell like?

    Sophie- Roses (and then she collapses in a fit of giggles)

  4. Bubba's gettin' so big it brings tears to my eyes! I know it won't be long and Monkey will be climbing on windowsills! :)

  5. Cute Post Amanda.....totally know what w=you mean on the mommy milk topic it is the greatest blessing to be able to provide that for your kids.And the baby chubbies are the best:)

  6. He is very advanced for a 2 year old you are in trouble. this was a great post. I enjoyed it. You can tell how happy you are.

    Enjoy this special time!

  7. Uh, yeah. My kids stand on the sill of the front window (and the couches, shelves, coffee table...), it drives me a little crazy. They carry around totally random stuff, too.

  8. I want to squeeze her! Not too tight though! She is so cute, A. I love her.

  9. Um, so I had four brother, my husband had five brothers......we have a lot of potty talk.
    And that commercial, it was stinkin hilarious!


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