Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Toddler Sleep Solution Update #1

First of all, I am listing this as the first update, as I am certain there will be many more to follow.

The first toddler sleep solution post mentioned how Bubbalu had started to get out of his truck bed and wander hither and yon instead of sleeping. It has now been two weeks since that post, and a sleep update is warranted.

First of all, I still have the gate on the outside of the door, so that if he DOES get out of bed, his escape is thwarted. He does not like this. Mama doesn't either. Mostly because she can hear him protesting...and we have an open floor plan...and it echoes.

Second of all, I have the Pack 'n Play set up in his room. It is always ready for sleep with a pink crib sheet and cozy blankets.

(I'm sitting here thinking why in the world haven't I changed that pink sheet out for one of the 3 blue crib sheets that I have? It's not like I have a boy-themed crib sheet deficit, I'm just lazy, that's why. And I forgot. For 2 weeks....but whatever.)

Anyways, the story goes like this...Bubbalu is put to bed for nap/night, we recite our sleep rules:
  1. We stay in our bed
  2. We close our eyes
  3. We are quiet
  4. We do not jump or kick the walls
  5. We go to sleep

and he is told that if he gets out of bed, he will be put into the Pack 'n Play to sleep. Two weeks ago I reported him crying after being transferred unwillingly into the Pack 'n Play after getting out of bed.

Now? Bubbalu goes right to his Pack 'n Play at nap time or bedtime and tries to climb in by himself.

So, either he already knows he will disobey and is just eliminating a step (aka the middle man) or he is liking the security of the Pack n' Play.

My vote is he is liking the security of the Pack 'n Play. He gets in, snuggles in and goes right to sleep. No crying, no gnashing of teeth...occasional singing. Not bad.

So where we stand right now I am not going to fault my child for wanting a little more secure sleeping environment. Some Moms warned me about regression in older siblings when a new baby arrives. If this is his only regression, that is fine by me.

Bubbalu is sleeping well full-time in his Pack 'n Play, he is safe, he is rested, end of story...

...or, we'll see what happens in a few weeks...



  1. Such a cutie though! Maybe he had tricked himself earlier into being ready for a big boy bed. :)

  2. Who cares where he is sleeping as long as he is sleeping and giving mommy a break! Yeah for sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is so funny and cute and I echo mommy mo--at least he is sleeping. My daughter once slept on her floor (by her choice) for 3 months...

  4. Is he by any chance singing "Mimi Nat...Mimi Nat" ???? :)

  5. When it comes to sleep, the means always justifies the ends.

  6. Hmmm...I guess I'll be seeing this kind of thing when my baby is born in June. Nice to have a heads up. Thanks!


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