Tuesday, February 24, 2009


First of all, I am digging these word smooshing titles. Just so you know.

On to the subject of the day. I often have a hard time coming up with fun projects for Bubbalu during the day. A wise mother recently let me in on the time-honored, well known formula:
Toddlers + Water = Hours of entertainment
Here's my easy to follow recipe...


one kitchen sink
dining room chair
measuring cups


1. Fill sink 4-5 inches with warm water.

2. Set chair in front of sink.

3. Locate ALL beach towels and drape counter, floor and chair generously.

4. Place diaper-only clad (and socks I guess) toddler on chair in front of sink.

5. Dump measuring cups and bottles into sink.

6. Tell toddler to have at it.

7. Hold tongue when toddler splashes to his hearts delight.

8. Take pics of toddler giggling contagiously.

9. Drain sink and wipe down toddler when he starts to shiver.

10. Wipe up all splashed about and puddled water (there will be copious amounts)

11. Throw towels in dryer

12. Be prepared for an extra long nap as toddler giggled and splashed himself into exhaustion...



  1. He looks like he's having soooo much fun! It's like a beach party indoors! Truly fabulous :)

  2. Considering it's cold and rainy outside AND my kitchen floor desperately needs to be mopped, this sounds like a great activity for today. :)

  3. I like it. Definitely going to try it. I'll post some pics:) My kids are doing the same in the tub right now so maybe later this week:)Thanks for the idea:)(Love the pics!)

  4. What fun! I'll have to try this with Isaac. Thanks for the idea (or maybe I won't be thanking you after my kitchen is filled with puddles of water). :)

  5. Hi Amanda. I just found your blog through Lance's facebook. You are a hoot!
    Congratulations on your two sweet blessings!
    Our Ava is very close in age to your cute boy and we do this game often too. I like to do a pan on the floor on top of a beach towel so I don't have to be right by. I love how clean the floor is after the wipe up!
    Your one smart momma!
    Amy Hollister(from BURC)

  6. I read it to a friend of mine who has a toddler...and we BOTH thought it was hilarious! I love the thought and humor you put into your posts!!! :)

  7. The socks? Hilarious.

    All three of mine are water babies. Let's just say they are terribly anxious for warmer days so they can go "real" swimming.

  8. Ahhhhh, yes. Boys and water get along so well, don't they?! I've done this many times and it's always a huge hit.

    I also love the warmer months when I fill up a bucket outside and BJ gets his water toys out. He could sit on our front porch (in the shade) for hours and hours with just a few refill requests.

    And, the socks?! WONDERFUL!

  9. Those pics are AWESOME! That is pure JOY on his little face. I love it!

  10. What is it with pouring water from one cup into another? My daughter loves this activity as well. She calls it "splashy, splashy"! LOL!


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