Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Costcoing We Will Go...

So I headed back to Costco again today. Yes, I KNOW that I am at Costco on a biweekly pattern, but I can't help it. As long as I'm in the area, I may as well stop for those funky milk gallons and $3.99 cheese.

And maybe a $1.09 mocha.

Or two.


Except with the littles in tow I have a hard time juggling all the lovely groceries and carrying two mochas. Not to mention the whole 'keep your receipt out to get checked and scrawled on by the sharpie wielding Costco employees' fuss. Yep, FUSS. Then you get your hair blow dried by the industrial heaters and you are spit out the exit garage door. So in short, all that with two mochas and two littles isn't easy.

Don't let the sharpie receipt marking whine fool you. I love me some Costco. I would live there if they let me. Mocha's and fresh muffins in the morning, watch the latest movie on the 64 inch screen, try a sample of everything for lunch, spend the afternoon trying on all the clothes in 3 different sizes and the 2+carat diamond solitaires, and settle in with the latest book and whatever I want for dinner...and all American chocolate cake for dessert. Glorious.

I wore Lil Chick in the Moby for my Costco jaunt and may I just say? I got some strange looks. Really? Is a baby being carried in a front pack so strange?

One lady asked me, "does she just SLEEP in there?"

No, she does crossword puzzles and calculates tax rates.

Things I am loving at Costco right now:

- Huge glazed teal planters for $39.99

- Adorable Calvin Klein 3 piece toddler sets. Faint plaid shorts, polo and over shirt. SUPER adorable. Don't remember how much.

- Girls spring dresses! Do you think buying toddler clothes now is a bit to early for Lil Chick? That's what my husband said.

- GiNORmous coloring books for kids. Really, they were HUGE. I want the Lighting McQueen one more than Bubbalu does.

- Blender! I need a new one and the one they had on display is all purty and shiny.

- Olive Oil. DUDE. I bought 4 LITERS of the stuff. Just because I could. And it cost the same as a smallish bottle from Safeway.

- Towels. I had major towel needs. Up until a few days ago we were still using the ones my parents gave to me when I graduated high school. HIGH time for new ones. I used some of my birthday money to get new bath towels, hand towels and washcloths in chocolate brown, light brown and green. They are NUMMY...and a SUPER deal for the quality.

- Outdoor furniture sets. Too many awesome ones to pick a fave. Oh, and I need a pool.

Just LOVE me some Costco.

What are you loving from/at Costco right now?



  1. I got VERY strange looks and comments when I wore the Moby too. Just bought new washcloths from the Land of big and Plenty. I love the little kids playhouse they have now. SO stinkin cute.
    Have I told you how jealous I am of you and your Costco Mochas? Why can't we get those down here? I mean seriously. I don't think I can read your blog anymore, I'm that jealous.

  2. I've decided that couples should get to register again every ten years. All of our towels from when we got married are scratchy and faded. We've slowly replaced a few sets. But I'd prefer it if someone else paid for it. :-)

  3. I love Costco, too! Those toddler 3 piece sets are $17.99, I picked up a couple for the boys for easter. I love looking at the huge Barbecues and hoping that someday, I just might get one with the fridge in it.

  4. We're in love with the red pepper & tomato soup. But it's so elusive! We go in and have to buy several cartons, because we don't know when they'll be back!

  5. Ha, laughed out loud at the calculating taxes thing, forgot I was going to tell you about the planters (glad you saw them), and also forgot to mention I noticed the new towels in the downstairs basement (they look great!).

  6. Jamaica Me Hot & Crazy sauce...although its in and out of costco, depending on the week/month. And I can't pass up the sundried tomato chicken sausage when I'm there so I can make my hubby some yummers "crack soup" ;)

  7. I am a costco lover myself...I got new sheets for 19.99 the other day and they are soft and wonderful. However I went to get adidas that I had seen a few weeks back and I was really sad because they were out of my size, which just goes to show that you should buy it when you see it:) And why do people think they need to make comments on peoples children and child rearing techniques?

  8. Great post! Not to sure what to think about those square milk jugs...but sure can't beat the price! We got T one of those HUGE coloring books and both the girls love them. Got to make sure your markers have ink! Have you seen that wooden playhouse? Adorable! I want one!

  9. Uh, she didn't say it, but Dolly would totally live with you in Costco. I think nearly everything in her entire house came from there.

    She even picked up all my bathroom towels for me once.

  10. Love, love, lovin' the organic oreos they have there. The brand is Late July and I feel so happy and healthy feeling my kids "organic" oreos. They don't have any of the allergens we need to avoid and I think the box is super cute too - it has bicycles on it. Because the packaging TOTALLY matters.

  11. Dolly, come have a slumber party with me at Costco! Who else wants to come?

  12. We've had many Costco homes all over the West Coast for over a decade =)

  13. We need to go soon and I seriously can't wait. It's pathetic. Ha.

  14. i loved your post! i laughed OUT LOUD!!!
    what do i LOVE about costco??? hhhmmm....what DON'T i LOVE about it? NOTHING!! just the thought of going there makes me happy. if for just a mere, fleating moment, all the cares of the world fall away as i stroll thru the rows, filling my cart full of items that i will never use up in this lifetime. seriously, how many loaves of banana bread can one girl make from leftover bananas that have gone bad simply because i OVER-BOUGHT AGAIN. when they are that cheap, you MUST buy them,right?!! (husband disagrees)
    i'm SSOOOO with you on the olive oil thing...i have enough sitting in my pantry that i could bath in a tub full every night for a year and not run out! (truth be told, i don't even know how to use olive oil.)
    ok, so heres a bit of Costco knowlegde that you may or may not be aware of. you know that little star thingly behind some of the items? well, if you see that, and you're 'sitting the fence' on whether or not you should buy it,BUY IT!! it means that once their gone, THEIR GONE! (learned THAT the hard way!)
    thanks for checking in on my blog. good to know someone besides my sister is reading it. :) i love yours. would you find it creepy if i added you to 'my favs'?? :)
    it was fun to see you guys in church on sunday. you're little ones are precious! crazy thought here but i used to babysit your husband. a sweet, sweet little man he was. :) (dang, i'm feeling ancient all the sudden!)
    have a great weekend! traci :)

  15. hello??? could my post above BE ANY LONGER!!?????? sorry, i'm a yacky-yak.

  16. Moby wraps are the coolest, I can't believe you got weird looks! I want one for our next babe.

    As far as Costco goes, I am sorely missing my favorite place! The nearest Costco is an hour away from us, so sad! We have Sam's nearby, but nothing compares to glorious Costco! I with ya on the block of cheese, did they lower the price to $3.99? What a deal! I could have sworn it was $4.99 when we left Seattle! I told John where ever we move next, the place MUST have a Costco!

  17. Hi! I hopped over here from Tiffiny's blog - had to comment on Costco.
    I need a support group I love it so!
    Right now, it's all about the cheese. They also have the acai juice for way cheap and it's great in smoothies. And I always always stop in the kids clothes section to check out the Carters stuff.
    That is funny about the Moby. I'm all about the babywearing. But some people just don't get it...


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