Monday, March 23, 2009

Custom Letter Tutorial...

First off, buy wooden letters that spell your kids name (Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby for those of you NOT on the west coast has em for pequeno dinero). I am guessing that many of you already have these, as they are extremly popular and quite cute.

Then go through your 3 tote bins full of unused scrapbook paper and pick out a bunch that go well together. What!? You don't have 3 tote bins full of unused scapbook paper? Oh. It's just me then. Feel free to come over and take some of mine.

Lay the wooden letter onto the paper and trace around it. Put the FRONT of the letter onto the BACK of the paper. OR, put the RIGHT side of the letter to the WRONG side of the paper...or maybe the PRETTY side of the letter to the UGLY side of the paper....I could go on for hours, but I won't (clapping heard) :

See? That wasn't too hard was it? :

Next step, carefully cut it out. Yep, just like elementary school, but this time we get sharper scissors.

Turn the paper and the letter pretty side up:

Glue, photo tab stick or gel dot the paper cut-out onto the wooden letter:

VoilĂ ! C'est Magnifique, no?

Staple some coordinating ribbon to the back of those letters and they are ready to hang.

Let's review, shall we?


To fab!:

I just love how this one turned out:

Uber adorable and super easy. Doesn't hit the wallet too hard either.

And I know you should probably modge podge the paper onto the letter, but me? I likey to change my mind...and my decor. So I choose to lightly stick the paper onto the wooden letters with glue dots or photo stickers so I can change the paper anytime I want.

One note of caution...when Bubbalu was a baby I had his letters hanging on the wall above his crib. What I didn't know was that he could reach see where this is going, don't you?

Enter Sesame Street voice, "This nap has been brought to you by the letter EEEEE". He had pulled the letter down, ripped the paper off and had EATEN HALF OF IT. I am SO not kidding. What was with his eating of non-food items?

Enjoy the project folks, and be sure to post pics to share your creativity...



  1. I am sooooostealing this idea. You are wicked awesome Girlfriend!

  2. I am going to try and do this however the kids have eved ceilings so I am not sure how they will hang...I will blog my efforts:)

  3. Nicely done! And the scrapbook paper is a great idea (especially for those of us who have a little [or a lot] of it around)! Super cute!

  4. Hey VDG...

    Thanks for the comment. I found your blog on my friend Malissa's page and noted 1) you're funny, and 2) we have similar taste in boy names :)

    Nice to meet you.


  5. Your my inspiration sister!! :)

  6. I've got the letters but haven't decided where to put them. We'll be avoiding above the crib, though I wish we'd thought of that before we wallpapered a border around the middle of the room...2" above the top of the crib bars.

  7. You're such a nerd cuz! :)


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