Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Hospital Chatter...

We are just now getting the finalized hospital bills from Lil Chick's hospitalization. Apparently it racks up quite a tab. YEOWCH. However, we are feeling thankful that insurance is paying a good chunk of it.

Here is some random hospital chatter floating through my brain:

  • The hospital food was not super great. Now. I am a VERY unpicky eater. I'll eat most anything and say it isn't too bad. However, the food left much to be desired. Enter Becky, my cousin in law. She is a Registered Dietitian at the hospital and gave me some huge insider tips on what I could order on my meal trays. Every day I had a huge Naked juice smoothie, a vanilla or chocolate milkshake, protein bars, fresh fruit, fresh side salad and either a grilled cheese sandwich or Club sandwich. The nurses always said to me, "You have the BEST meal trays!". Hee hee hee.

  • Over the course of the 16ish days spent in the hospital I consumed close to 20 Club sandwiches. They we SO good! Really. They were. I would look forward to my lunch and a movie. When you're on bed rest in the hospital there's not much to look forward to. Eating and blood draws...woot it up! Apparently Club sandwiches were very exciting for me.

  • We had some amazing nurses, both in Labor and Delivery and the Pediatric unit. I felt comfortable in their care. The L&D nurses kept trying to recruit me, but I said I wanted to be lazy for awhile. Make pies and grow a garden. That sort of thing.

  • There really is no limit to how many Sudoku puzzles you can do in a row. I did so many of them my eyes started blurring.

  • One of my Obstetricians took pity on me in my laptopless state, and brought his personal Macbook in for me to use. GLORY. I wrote two posts before heading downhill.

  • That very same Obstetrician delayed a scheduled C Section so I could get my epidural. Once again...GLORY. Dr. M you are my friend for life.

  • When Lil Chick was in the hospital I still had bruises up and down my arms from my own hospitalization. I felt quite battered both physically and emotionally.

  • I realized that despite the dire circumstances we were in, I still felt very comfortable in the medical environment. I felt competent and sharp. Weird huh? Especially since right now I feel fuzzy and dull. But that's because I'm in a post chocolate chip consumption coma.
  • And of course, my family and friends love me. They showed love by visiting, calling, praying, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, loving on Bubbalu when I couldn't, shopping & returning, more praying, mocha delivering, hugging & crying, emailing, gift gifting, yet more praying and telling me they love me.

    But they didn't have to tell me they love me. I already knew. It was shown to me over and over again.

    And I love you all right back.


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    2. You are very fortunate to have such caring friends & family! I'm so glad they were there to care for you!

    3. Wow! It sounds like you were working the hospital food! I always dreaded it when I was in having my kids. My family also took care of me and made sure I had yummy non-hospital food for every meal :)

      I'm so glad you have such a wonderful family. It's so nice to be able to depend and lean on them when you really need to!

      And I'm all over your OB! WOW! I'm so impressed that he loaned you his laptop. HOW AWESOME!

      I'm glad you and Lil' Chick are happy and healthy now! Can we see some new pictures? Pretty please!!

    4. Awww, you made me cry (only second time today for me and it's not even noon). I do LOVE YOU!

    5. Wow, I've only recently started following your blog and I had no idea you went through all that! I'll try to find a post about it all:) Glad your doing better:)

    6. Where was your cousin-in-law during both of my deliveries??? Wish I had those insider tips.

      You're so cute, A.


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