Friday, March 27, 2009

Sign and Seal...

We had Lil Chick baptized last Sunday. It was a special tender moment in our little family.

My special life moments and events seem to be extra sharp and slowed down while they are occurring. On Sunday when she was getting sprinkled I remember thinking, "remember how you are feeling, what you are seeing, don't blink too fast or you'll miss something!"

What I DO remember...

We walked up to the front, Lance holding Lil Chick, me with a death grip on Bubbalu's hand, both of us praying he behaved. Bubbalu was (and STILL IS) sick and had recently taken to blowing his nose into his HANDS. Why, why, why, WHY would one do this? I have no idea. Extra moisturizing perhaps? After he does this he stares in wonderment at his hands probably curious as to why gobs of snot have now taken up residence on his hands.

Anywho, I was fully expecting him to blow his nose in his hands at the moment Pastor Pete baptized poor looked over Lil Chick. Not so.

What he DID whisper to me right after we walked all the way up?

"This is nice, Mommy."

Yes, Bubba, this IS nice.



  1. So precious! When #2 was baptized, #1 had been throwing up the night before. We were actually late to church and the pastor had to skip over the baptism and come back to it once we got there!!!

    Welcome to the Covenant lil chick!

  2. Precious.

    LOL - Dolly said that too (just now noticed. Great minds think alike).

  3. Love your family pic. So beautiful. Little Chick's dress is adorable!

  4. Great family pic! And I love LilChick's feet sticking out the bottom of her dress!

  5. What a beautiful family! Love the little dress. I love Jude's comment. Makes your heart melt:)

  6. Love the new family pic!! You just want to hold onto the moments in your pocket!

  7. The picture turned out great! I can't wait to send you the ones of your family from our Luau! happy I could share in that precious moment with you. Lil Chick!!!! Auntie Mimi LOOOOVES you!!! :)

  8. Oh, that is so sweet. And I LOVE the family picture- you guys are good-looking!!!!

  9. Y'all look so cute!!!!

    When Ella was baptized around 4 months, she totally stuck out her middle finger in the air for all the pictures. We always joke that she was saying, "Covenant THIS!"

  10. Wow do you look like your Mom.
    Aunt Peg


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