Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Trends 2009...Episode One.

I was flipping through a magazine and came across a new spring trend section. Let's go ahead and make this a continuing subject, shall we?

First off, apparently jumpsuits are trendy this spring. However, I am not too thrilled about them. Being that I am not a lithe modelesque trackster and don't have the height or confidence to pull it off.

Besides, I actually laughed out loud seeing this picture in my magazine:

Hello Herm, will you be waxing the floors today or repairing the water heater that's on the fritz?

Yes, it's a little too handyman coverall-ish for me. And like I said, I'm not over 6 feet tall and lithe is not a descriptive term normally used when referring to me. Besides, it's $99 on sale. Not thrifty or recession friendly.

Next trend : Fuchsia. I LOVE a good bright color, and I actually do have a fair bit of fuchsia in my closet. I have dark hair and features and am fair skinned, so this color is happy on me.

Example #1 from my favorite inspiration store, Anthropologie, for $68:

I am normally not a fan of bubbly-ish tops, but hello, someone's 3 months postpartum over here.

And while we're on the subject, ADORABLE:

Yes Please:

And so cute it hurts:

However, to be recession friendly, here you go:

From you know where for only $10.

And another:

Once again from you know where for only $14.

You're welcome.



  1. I am pretty sure I will not be wearing a jumpsuit anytime soon. Has anyone thought of the bathroom implications there are to go along with wearing one of these?

  2. Jumpsuits are one 80's trend that I hoped would STAY in the 80's! I guess stirrup pants are back now too! Didn't we learn what sucks the first time around?:)Your handyman comment made me lol. So true! I love the anthro tops but the "you know who" top I need in black please to go with my Easter skirt:)

  3. Girl I LOVE you fashion picks and even Love the prices more!!!!! You should have your own TV show it would be a HUGE HIT!!!!!!!!

  4. It looks like the model is thinking, "Why do I get put in a jumpsuit? I never should have ticked off my agent!"

    LOVE the cute tops!

  5. I'm loving all your pics with an exception of the jumpsuit! ;)


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