Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Know It's A Bad One...

You know it's a bad one...

-when you can smell her aroma from more than 4 feet away. For example, when driving and can smell her in the backseat. Not like that has ever happened to me in today.

-when she screams the, "I have acid poo on my behind!" cry.

-when you can feel the wetness penetrating her 3 layers of her shoulders.

-when you wish you could gown and glove up for the diaper changing procedure.

-when you lay down a protective layer FOR your diaper changing pad.

-when you don't dare wash any of your other clothes with the affected garments.

-when you wish you could do a surgical scrub AFTER the diaper changing procedure.

-when it is so memorable you can write an entire blog post about it.



  1. Ah, good ole blow-out stories. For the most part, we are past that stage! BUT you know, I feel like I have been dealing with poop of one form or another for the last five years. Oh wait, I HAVE!

  2. You know its bad when you prepare the bath water before you remove the clothing:) Oh Amanda thanks for the giggles I think we can all relate with this one!

  3. Been there. Made me think back to Rotavirus when it was coming UP out of the sleeper. No kidding.

  4. I like the protect-your-changing-table-cover one - hilarious!

  5. I feel your pain! Hopefully these episodes are few & far between!

  6. Was this worse than Jude's episode? ;) This should be titled "You know its Lance's kid when..." :)

  7. Oh those are AWFUL!!! Poor Emmy and poor you! In a positive light, there will only be so many of those to deal with in your lifetime and that's one less left in your future! Thanks for the laughs :)

  8. LOL boy do I know those ones VERY WELL!!!!!

  9. No Megs, NOTHING will compare to the blow out that Jude least I hope she won't try to one-up him!!

  10. You know its bad when it's packed down to the toes of the footie jammies...


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