Monday, April 20, 2009

Freedom Pancakes...

On Saturday I all but threw the kiddos at my husband and tore out of the house. It had been a looooong week full of snotty noses and whiny people (especially me). I needed a break.

I called my sister and cajoled her into driving to town and attend the pancake breakfast fundraiser with me.

It was embarrassing how excited I was to get out and eat some pancakes.

And they were good. Mostly because I didn't have to wrack my brain to come up with a meal idea, mix and make them, convince a stubborn 30lb boy to eat them, wash a syrupy face and fingers, scrub everything the syrupy face and fingers touched before I could wash them and then clean up the whole shebang. Drips of syrup on the table. Excess Bisquick that flew out of the box when I set it on the counter. Chunks of pancakes that my toddler thoughtfully donated to the floor.

I sat and savored my freedom pancakes and with a commendable show of restraint resisted going back for more.

My self control is admirable.

We continued in the 'moderation is best' theme of the day by eating cheesy chicken and rice nachos, homemade french fries, beer battered coconut shrimp and margaritas for dinner.

I restrained going back for thirds.

See? Admirable self control...



  1. Mmmmmm, Freedom Pancakes, I'd love some of those ;)

  2. I'm happy you were able to get out and enjoy a freedom meal! I understand completely about the catastrophic mess that is generated by making and feeding a simple meal of pancakes to youngsters -- aren't you sometimes tempted to call in FEMA?

    Hope your little boy is feeling better soon :(

    ~ Kerri

  3. I'm all for pancakes. Pancake obsession whenever I was pregnant.


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