Monday, April 27, 2009

White Shorts Law...

I am loving my new white perfect bermuda shorts thanks to Old Navy:

Don't you love how thin and tan my legs are? What can I say, I work out.

When I was in Nursing School we had to abide by the strict dress code of all white scrubs, white socks, white shoes, short clean fingernails (no acrylics or nail polish) , long hair pulled back, no jewelry except wedding rings, no visible tattoos, wearing deodorant (I can't believe they needed to specify this) and no perfume.

Also, my Clinical Nursing Director specified white undergarments. She said she did NOT want us to wear beige understuff. She wanted to make sure we were actually wearing something. So, I broke fashion rules and wore white undergarments under my white scrubs. Not exactly tres chic.

To all you out there who are wearing white pants, shorts, capris or dresses this spring and summer, let's review the rules:

  • Undergarments MUST be worn under white clothing

  • Beige undergarments are the color of choice when wearing white clothing

  • There are to be no patterns, stripes, polka dots, prints or phrases on undergarments when wearing white clothing

  • Once white clothing is soiled, prompt laundering is necessary

  • Wearing last years white flip flops is out of the question...mostly because they are in fact beige. Spring for a new pair at Old Navy for only $3.00.

Follow the rules and enjoy the white clothing folks...



  1. AMEN!

    (I cannot believe she made you guys wear white under white--ugh!)

  2. You dare to wear white around young children?? You are brave!

  3. I LOVE bermuda shorts. I haven't seen them at our local Old Navy yet..although I haven't been there in a couple weeks, so I better go check it out. They are so cute! Not sure if I could keep white - white, but I love them!

  4. So true...thanks for reminding everyone! :)

  5. I'm with MomOf3... -- you have young children and white shorts (or any type of white clothing) in the same house? This particular skill has eluded me thus far. Perhaps it's because mine are all boys and there is quite the attraction between boys and dirt, and inevitably someone gets hurt in the dirt and needs a hug from mom, who is also suddenly covered in dirt... maybe in another 15 years I'll do white, but kudos to you for doing it now!

  6. Well, hopefully the scrubs were loose enough that you couldn't *really* tell.

    Beige, yes, MUST be worn under white. And I love white because I can BLEACH out stains. :) Even our bathroom rugs and towels are white, for that very reason.

    Oh, also, I can't stand the look of white flip flops on my feet. I feel like they make my feet stand out too much. Love the gold ones in that picture! Much more inconspicuous...

  7. you forgot about the most important rule when wearing white clothing:

    - avoid all areas lit exclusively with black lights.

    even if you closely observe the prompt laundering rule, chances are that you will be surprised that the mustard stain did NOT come out afterall.

  8. Thank you so much for this post! Everyone should read it! EVERYONE!


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