Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Clothing System...

I went over to help my baby sister set up for her two babies who will be arriving this summer.

I forgot how much fun it is to go through tons of baby shower gift bags and set up a brand new nursery. It also reminded me how badly I need to reorganize Lil Chick's room.

Being that I have six different sizes smashed into her changing table/dresser, it's no wonder Lance gets confused when trying to dress her:

No, not those light pink 3-6 month pants, she's WAY too small for those. And not those light pink 6 month pants, they are way too short for her. No, not those light pink 0-3 month pants, they fit her funny on her legs. Here, put these newborn light pink pants on her, they are a perfect fit, can't you tell?

Honey, what's the problem? What, you don't understand my Baby Clothing System?

Let's start with the basic onesie.


The onesies on the front left side of the top drawer are reserved for occasional, they-don't-match-or-fit-great-but-are-there-for-emergencies onesies.

The onesies in the front middle of the top drawer are my favorite in not only style, but fit and color as well, but usually aren't there because they are either:
  • in the laundry
  • washed and folded and waiting to be put away on the floor of the living room, or
  • in the diaper bag.

The onesies on the front right side of the top drawer are long sleeved or unisex onesies, best used for layering purposes.

The onesies and random tops in the back top drawer are matched sets that should NOT be desecrated by pairing them with non-matchy-matchy pants. If you do, then the pants are left lonely and sad, while the shirt marches on without them, getting stained and wash worn in an uneven ratio that completely upsets the system.

Unless you use that one pair of super cute minimally decaled jeans that are oh-so-cute and bootcut, THEN you may use the onesies and random tops in the back top drawer. But make sure you put on those Mary Jane shoe looking socks on to complete the look, or else it doesn't go.

See? Clear as mud.

I could go on, being that I have five dresser drawers, two shelves within the dresser, a five tiered shelf in the closet, two hanging rods, the shelf above the closet hanging rods and the entire floor of the closet worth of Baby Clothing System to share with you, but I won't.


I'm starting to get a wee bit confused...



  1. Yep...Nat doesn't get my set-up either, so he's not allowed to put away his clothes. :)

  2. That reminds me that I need to get all the remaining winterish clothes out. I mean, this is the South, for crying out loud.

  3. Dressing baby girls is just too much.

  4. ok, here's the solution for your somewhat confused (understandably so),peach of a husband....

    go to Target (or Walmart or Lowes OR Home Depot OR TJ maxx or Ross...i don't CARE where YOU go) and hit the closet organization section. they sell these nifty hanging little closet 'thingys' that hold an outfit for every day of the week. you can buy the ones that hold just sweaters or if you're lucky, you'll find ones that are draped with lovley primary colors AND have the ACTUAL days of the week written on them!!!

    seriously, you can have a whole months worth of outfits set out for your man!! that way you can head out of town on a whim (cuz i know you're dying to do THAT!) and have no worries about what the little rugrats (a term of endearment in our home) will be wearing. i speak from experience since i am, after all,always running off on whims. hey, watch out, those may be addicting...before ya know it, the whole bunch of you will be sporting wonderfully-new-strangely-organized wardrobes!!! yea for that. :)

  5. TRUST me. going away is WORTH every last bit of stress it will cause you leading up to leaving. (and oh, they'll be STRESS!)
    go away... as far away as you can!!

    the children will live to tell about it and they won't even hate you for leaving! hey, when mamas happy, everyones happy!!

    where are you guys going??

  6. Exactly what we have going on over here. They grow too fast..and it's just so much work to reorg the drawer!

  7. I won't even go into my system for the triplets it would scare the bleep out of you!

    Twins I am soooooooo excited for you CONGRATULATIONs!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Howdy, Dutch Girl,

    My wife (letters moving) recently performed a dramatic reading of your Baby Clothing System post. I must say, I'm not sure whether it was the witty writing, the dramatic presentation, or the creepy similarities to the way our dresser is organized that impressed me most.

    I thought it would be interesting to ask whether your husband circumvents your organization system the way I thwart my wife's schemes when they get too complicated.

    Naturally, if clothes are laid out, I'll put those on. If not, then we get into a bit of a decision tree. If it's past 5pm, she [our daughter, Sesame] could pass out at any time. Better go with PJs. The general rule is first set found becomes the winner. Unless it won't fit, in which case I sometimes try to stretch the fabric. If it still won't fit, looking for another may happen. Or not.

    If it's before 5pm or PJs are nowhere to be found, I go for a simple onesie+shorts combo. Any onesie will do, so long as it fits. Pants that are close at hand typically win, with an extra two or three seconds for color scheme considerations during the decision if I've been properly caffeinated.

    Beyond that, I figure the kid will be largely ok. By my logic, kids that can't walk don't need shoes, and kids without shoes don't need socks. I can see the need for a hat if we're outside, but that's about it.

    Is this logic as common to husbands as your organization scheme is to wives? Let us know! Thanks for writing!


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