Friday, May 8, 2009

Brown Zip-Up Hoodie Issues...

I have a new brown zip-up hoodie.

Hello brown zip-up hoodie, you have made my life better. I like you very much and intend to use you often. I appreciate that you didn't hit my wallet too hard and that you tend to disguise my postpartum chubs. You go with almost every clothing piece I own and you are cozy.

I enjoy wearing you with my current favorite casual outfit of a cute longer tank top, brown zip-up hoodie and jeans.


Brown zip-up hoodie, please stop leaching brown fuzz onto my bare armpits. Really now. I showered AND shaved this morning but was surprised by the pseudo dark brown armpit "hair" that stared at me as I redid my hair this evening.

And I apologize to those of you who came over this afternoon when I was sans brown hoodie. I'm certain you too were fooled by the pseudo dark brown armpit "hair". It was brown hoodies' fault. He apologized and we have reconciled our relationship.

Thank you and goodnight...



  1. LOL...remember that black "preggo" dress mom got you that put black fuzz all over your body and stained bras and panties? Loved the dress, but don't miss that! :) Made me look like I was turning into a werewolf!

  2. Armpit hair vs. pseudo armpit hair. Sorry, but I'm still laughing. Not AT you though ;)

  3. HA!!! The psuedo armpit "hair"....just a little way to remember dark brown hoodie when you are apart...


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