Friday, May 29, 2009

Greased Lightnin!

Bubbalu was given this cute Cars race track for his birthday or Christmas. I can't remember which:

I like the toy because you can race ALLLL sorts of cars on it and have competitions. Can you feel the excitement?

However, the matchbox cars have been rather slow while going down the track and many of them just get stuck. He's lost interest and it's starting to collect dust.

Enter Mommy Moment Of Brilliance. M.M.O.B. for short.

I hauled out the Pledge furniture polish, gave a paper towel a good soaking, and greased that race track till it was all sparkly and shiny.

Now those cars are FLYING down that racetrack (and some even go flying off the rim, much to his delight) and my toddler boy is engaged in super fun playtime for at LEAST 30 minutes. Hello, that's a Mommy Moment Of Brilliance if I ever saw one.

With a nice clean lemony scent to boot...



  1. Yep! Drew got one of those a couple of Christmases ago. Genius idea!

    And those teeny cars that came with it?


  2. My girls SO want one of those. Maybe we'll finally give in. I'm just concerned that they'll do the "once-it's-home-we-don't-play-with-it" thing.

  3. My older boys had this toy when they were little and LOVED it!

    That was a GREAT idea, you are BRILLIANT!

  4. You are such a good Mom. Love the way you think!


  5. Awesome idea! I am going to do it to my boys one tommorow!!!


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