Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Costco Petition...

I have a petition for Costco that I would like to present before you. I am convinced that this petition would bring about change for the betterment of the community and for humanity as a whole. I humbly ask for your support.

Costco needs a drive-thu y'all.

Imagine if you will...

Instead of: juggling your sloshing Mochas (yes, that IS plural) while pushing your overfilled Kirkland Signature laden shopping cart and giving the children the 'because Mommy said so and Mommy's in charge' lecture all the while staining your kept out to get sharpied receipt...

Replace with: Pulling up to drive thru window, children serenely buckled in and smiling, Costco goodies stowed away safely in back...and NO drippage of the precious Mochas (yes, that IS plural).

I petition Costco to offer a drive thru window offering their food court fare for purchase. It would be a great improvement to the current system, and I am certain the construction costs would be offset by the increase in food court sales by the end of the second...no, first week. My increased business alone could fund the new cash register and headset required for drive thru operation.

Their food court patronage would increase ten-fold, and as reward for my idea I would only ask that a smallish plaque be displayed prominently in the esteemed 'on the way to the bathroom' hallway and a pass to cut in front of all the cars waiting to fill up on low gas price days. A small compensation for a stellar idea.

Wouldn't YOU hit up a Costco drive thu window if the 'find a spot, park and walk in' hassle was eliminated? I surely would.

Although my family might start complaining when we have chicken bakes, Caesar salad and berry smoothies for the third night in a row...



  1. LOVE the new header! OMG. WAY cute.

    But tell me, where is the actual petition? I will sign each of my four family members name here in this house!

  2. And the rotisserie chickens for $4.99? Yeah, they'd need a lot more of those. I'd love if Costco could deliver, like the Schwans man. Can you imagine going on-line, ordering everything you need and have it all (plus mochas) delivered and you could stay in your jammies?

  3. Hey, is this the new and improved photoshop header you were telling me about? Cute!!!

    Sadly, I think we still don't have a Costco but I think they're working on it?

  4. I'm so right there with you!!!

  5. Mmmm...I'm all about the chicken bakes and berry smoothies! :)

  6. I am SO right there with you. I got funny looks last week when I went in just to get a mocha and walked right out again. I think the sharpie-laden guards even snickered....

  7. I don't know, A. It does SOUND like a good idea. However, imagine the traffic build-up and the LONG lines it would create. Worse than Disneyland, no?

    Let me know if the petition goes through. I'll sign it for ya.


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