Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Naps and Chocolate...

I've started and deleted about six posts. I'm just not feeling the mojo today. I AM however, feeling the need to consume chocolate and then maybe take a nap.

For those who know me in real life, I am NOT a napper.

My naps require:
  • 45 minutes to turn brain auto pilot on and fall asleep
  • waking up in a stupor 3 (or more) hours later
  • staring at the ceiling for 3 (or more) hours past usual bedtime
  • and having a horrible zombie-like morning the following day.
So basically, I don't DO naps.

But today I am actually considering it.

The chocolate? No consideration necessary. No 45 minute chocolate coma induction period. No 3 hour post-consumption stupor. No bedtime delay. No horrible zombie-like morning the following day.

The only opposition to the chocolate consumption is my scale. I can imagine the digital readout changing from numbers to "Did you really need to eat that?".

Being that I have the 10lb Ambrosia chocolate chip bag from Costco stashed in my pantry, it DOES make a good point...



  1. Sounds VERY familiar - in fact, I'm searching for chocolate right NOW myself! lol


  2. Oh girl--you need to learn the art of the 10-minute power nap! I trained myself to do so :) And you don't wake up in a stupor!

  3. I try to take naps in the afternoon, but when I am woken up 20 minutes later by one of the children I just get annoyed. When I am annoyed I eat chocolate.


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