Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Potty Training, Defined.

I am proposing changing terminology for the newly toilet using littles.

Stage 1 - Potty scheduled:
My Mommy takes me to the bathroom every hour on the hour, before and after meals and before and after naps or bedtime. It's quite an ordeal as I can't pull off my shorts or itty-bitty undies, get on the toilet, or reach the sink to wash my hands. I CAN reach a bunch of other things, though. I usually go, because I am there and all, but I really don't tell her when I have to go. Does she really think this is a superior and time saving method as opposed to wearing diapers? Makes one wonder.
Stage 2 - Potty Intermediance:
My Mommy occasionally reminds me and forces me to at least TRY to use the potty, but I'm starting to figure out that I have to tell her when I need to go. Sometimes I just go in my undies and forget to say anything. Mommy doesn't like that so much.
Stage 3 - Potty Independence:
My Mommy doesn't have to take me to the bathroom or ask if I have to go. I instinctively run to the bathroom and go potty and poo in the toilet. I can even put my undies and shorts back on again. I usually forget to wash my hands...but I'm potty independent, I can't be PERFECT.
We are at stage 1.275 at the moment and I can only hope that we will someday reach potty independence. I haven't had to clean up a dirty diaper in over a week...and can I just say? I am LOVING the lack of gagging on a daily basis. It's quite refreshing.



  1. Once they start "getting it" it's really great isn't it? We're at stage 3 (mostly), but today he wee'd during a timeout (but I think that was just to spite me!)

    Hopefully you'll glide through the stages quickly!

  2. Hang in there! Not to be discouraging, but, we got stuck in stage 2 for a VERY long time. Chandler was over 3 before he was independent. And, there actually should be a stage 4, when they don't have to yell, "MoooOOOOOOOoooom come wipe me!"
    Yeah, I'm looking forward to that one.

  3. Hee! I love it!

    And I'm with Dolly. When does stage 4 finally happen?

  4. Glad to hear that more is in the potty than the pants!

  5. Every where I turn people are potty training their kids. Annika didn't get trained until 2 months before her 3rd birthday, I don't think I am going to try with Taryn until at least the fall (she turns 3 in January). Potty training is truly a humbling mommy experience!

  6. You're getting there! I SO dislike the potty training stage.


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