Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Purple Polka Dots and Petal Ties...

Those persistent crafty bugs have been biting again. I think there might be an infestation.

This time it resulted in a purple polka dot and white eyelet edged itty bitty dress for Lil Chick.

Of course, my model was taking a morning nap, so you'll just have to imagine how cute she looks in it, mkay?

Love love LOVE the petal ties in the back. I might have to kiss them now and again cause they are super adorable. And most importantly, effectively eliminates the need for snaps, buttons or zippers. What could be better?

Next up, some matching bloomers or diaper cover with a ruffle butt. Then maybe a white crocheted hat with purple flower off to the side. Then maybe some matching itty bitty crocheted purple and white Mary Jane shoes.

See? I told you there was a craft bug infestation...



  1. Hi there - I found your blog a couple weeks ago via Kelli Baar. (I think?) They used to live across the street from us.

    Anyway, I've really been enjoying your great sense of humor and had to leave a comment about this cute, cute dress. It's adorable! I have definitely been feeling the crafty bug too, lately. Dresses are so fun to make.

  2. This is so adorable!! I've had the sewing bug too, but haven't managed to drag my sewing machine out from under the pile moving boxes it has been sitting under for months...

  3. So cute! Did you use a pattern or would there happen to be a tutorial online for this one :) I'd love to make one for my niece.

  4. Hey Rachael, I make this one up so no tutorial. However, I did a quick blog hop and check out this adorable (free!)pattern:


    The sewing bugs are biting again!!!

  5. Aw, it's adorable!!! I wish I could sew like that ... aw! (:

  6. Super cute! You'll have to help me out when I have a girl, k?


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