Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Case Of The Disappearing Produce...

I love the tomato vine smell on my fingers. You fiddle with the tomato plant a bit, pinching off suckers or draping the stems and leaves on the support wire and all day long you can catch a whiff of that yummy summer scent.

I've been looking forward to tasting that first bite of home-grown tomato goodness. I have three tomato plants currently doing their thing, trying to produce some fruit for me. They were purchased rather late in the game, costing a total of $2.50, so if I get a pound or two of fruit I'll be thrilled.

I've been watching a rather large and juicy looking clump of 6 tomatoes for a few weeks now. They're just starting to lighten and will probably be turning red soon.

However, when I checked them out this morning I couldn't find them. What the heck? Where'd they go?

The plants are up high on my back patio, surely an animal couldn't have gotten to them up there. Maybe some rascally neighbor stole them? Amanda, why would someone sneak onto your back patio in the middle of the night to steal 6 tiny unripe tomatoes? Really now.

I found no evidence of foul play, or animal presence.

What I DID find on the ground next to the back patio under the tomato plants:

A suspiciously gnawed on unripe green tomato that has the distinct teeth markings of a 31.6 pound offspring of mine.

When confronted, the culprit nonchalantly admitted fault.

Bubbalu, I hope they tasted crappy...



  1. Bummer! Chandler did that to all my tomatoes and cucumbers last year! So frustrating!He finally gets it this year. I adore the smell of tomato plants too!

  2. Your blog post should have been a warning to me this morning...I just took Isaac outside (after he just ate lunch mind you) and I was pulling weeds out of my garden and I look up to see him chewing something. What did he do but take a bite out of my green pepper and it's still on the plant! The next minute he had pulled a green tomato off a plant and was ready to bite that also! Toddlers...aren't they fun! :)

  3. Ok, this is so hilariously funny (but not). Last summer, right as my tomatoes were ripening, a pesky little bird was attracted to the red color of the tomato and prompty knawed a huge hole in the darn things- I WAS SO MAD!

  4. I LOVE the last line of this blog. :)

  5. i'm actually laughing out loud right now. i have the same problem with blueberrys over here. i swear, is it to much to ask to save one, tiny little berry for the MOTHER?? i think not. it's not bad enough that we had to birth these children. seriously now.


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