Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Craft Cache Is Overflowing...

I have a ton of sewing/repurposing ideas in my craft cache. Of course, getting to them requires time, time and some more time. I don't have much spare time lying around lately. If you happen to have extra time lying around unused, feel free to donate it to this grateful recipient.

Here is just a quick sample of what is floating around the crafting blogisphere that is catching my eye and making the sewing bugs bite:

Anthropologie Top Tutorial over at My Mama Made it

Corsage Tee Tutorial over at Enchantresses Three

Ruffle Tube Top Tutorial over at Happy Together

Toddler Purple Ruffle Dress Tutoria
l also at Happy Together

GAH! They are all so cute and fun! Methinks Mama needs a sewing staycation as these tutorials have whet her sewing appetite.

That, and a serger...



  1. If you could sew me a few of those corsage tees in your spare time that would be great. I am sewing challenged ;)

  2. I hear ya on the serger!:)

  3. wish i had some spare time to donate. a worthy cause for sure!

    i enjoyed stopping by your blog tonight!

  4. You can always send Bubbalu and Lil Chick to my house for a few hours so that you can get so time in. Of course that's assuming that Lil Chick will take a bottle if needed. I'll even come and get them myself.


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