Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I May Be Thrifty But I'm Not Stingy With Cheese...

I made a ginormous triple thick lasagna for dinner tonight.

Go me! Go wonderful wife, mother and chef! You got your game together and pulled something off. You are awesome!

I was quite proud of myself for not only having the required ingredients but planning ahead of time for dinner. You know, to avoid the whole, "well honey, I didn't make anything for dinner so what sounds good? Burgers? Nachos? Spaghetti? Cereal?" thing. Just pop that 9x13 in the oven around 4 ish, and good to go.

After I was done I made myself a yummy lunch of mozzarella cheese quesadilla with the intent of dipping into the left over spaghetti sauce used on the ginormous triple thick lasagna.

Sat down with my diet coke over ice, mozzarella quesadilla and dipping sauce and a good book. I took a HUGE bite.

And spit it out.

The cheese was off. You know, as in turned. Moldy if you will.

Guess what cheese I had just used to create my ginormous triple thick lasagna? That's right, the very same mozzarella.

And I am not stingy with cheese.

It's still sitting on my counter. I don't have the heart to jam it down the disposal. It still looks pretty, even if it is corrupt and disgusting.

So when Lance gets home, once again it will be, "Well honey, I didn't make anything for dinner so what sounds good? Burgers? Nachos? Spaghetti? Cereal?"



  1. I hate it when that slave and make a wonderful meal and find out it's not edible. So sorry. You have better quicky meal choices than I do - for us it's Mac n cheese, grilled cheese, cereal or something in the freezer like frozen pizza or some quick pop in the oven meal. :) Joe & I still refer to my meal I made the first year we were married - spinach stuffed shells: I took one bite and took everything and tossed it. It was a Quick Cooking magazine recipe and it was AWFUL! It's fun to look back and laugh about it. Maybe you'll do the same about the moldy cheese lasagna?

  2. Awe, that stinks! At least you discovered the nastiness before everyone sat down to eat and dug into the lasagna! =)

  3. I agree with Katrina, at least you had time for backup:) I've never tried the homemade lasagna, your story doesn't make me want to try:)

  4. Sorry about dinner!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, that auntie karen is clever!

    Garden Party evening is one of my favorites. We all get it and put in a ton of effort. The tables are all so pretty. Try it with your friends, but make sure they 'get it' and go all out! You'll have the edge though b/c auntie karen has lots of resources...

    Someday we all going to put together a cookbook!

    At the bottom of my blog there is a garden party label.

  5. Oh no! Hope you took a picture before you got rid of it. :)

  6. Oh how frustrating! Now be honest, did you taste test the lasagna still?

  7. OH NO! That is awful. Lasagna isn't the easiest meal to make, I would be so sad if I'd gone to all that trouble. At least you tried, right? :) Points for tryin'!


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