Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Year Ago It Was Sunny...

One year ago Bubbalu discovered a quick and handy backyard thirst quencher at Grandma's house:

And I'm certain it was sanitary and appropriate for holding drinking water.

Really, it was. I helped Grandma scour the thing after watching Bubbalu go back for seconds, thirds and fourths. We decided that copious amounts of fungi and scum might not be grand for the digestive system of an 18 month old.

We hung out at Grandma's house that day because Bubbalu's fun older boy cousins were in town and a play day was deemed necessary.

That, and Mama was one tired and worn out preggo woman who had run out of ideas to entertain her precocious toddler.

The cousins thought Bubbalu was quite silly for drinking out of the water fountain:

But looking on the bright side, he certainly wasn't dehydrated on that scorching hot July day:

Where oh where did our July 2009 sun go? Come back, for I miss thee so. I pulled out my cozy socks and am making soup for dinner. Um...I'm not ready for fall yet. I must have at least three frazzle-inducing camping trips, two unseemly tan lines, and one tired out toddler to meet my summer quota.

It's not looking very good.

Only one camping trip in the works, sunless tanner is providing adequate unlined tannage and the boy is decidedly UNTIRED.




  1. Heh heh. Same over here - got my socks on, getting ready to make soup and bread and really hoping this isn't it for our summer. But have you looked out the window this morning? I think it's going to be a sunny day!

  2. mmhm...yeah, you just come down south here to good ol' Texas and feel the scorching heat. It envelopes you as soon as you stick your head out of the door. Do you know what it's like to have your legs sweat! Not fun! Weather people are saying it won't get below 100 for a month! Want to trade places?

  3. Fall is no where'll have plenty of sun before we commit to cold weather!

  4. I will gladly trade with you, at least for a week. The HEAT in Texas is unbearable at times.

  5. They're sooo cute!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting...loved your suggestions ;)


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