Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome Home...

She was completely and all-encompassingly focused. You could try talking to her, but you wouldn't get far.

She stood amidst a swarm of strangers not seeing them or caring about them. It was busy and loud as families, spouses and friends were reunited. She couldn't hear them. She stood staring at the exit of the escalator waiting to see a familiar face. She was quiet. She was focused. She was waiting.

She's been waiting over a year for this moment. This moment that will forever be etched in her heart and mind.

She has a three week old precious baby girl. She has been a single parent for over a week as her husband has been gone on this journey. She is tired and emotional but eager.

Her brother whistles and motions that he can spot them coming up the escalator.

The video cameras start rolling...the cameras are turned on and ready to go.

Her heart is ready.

She first spots her husband's brilliantly smiling face. He has never smiled so brightly before...not even on their wedding day. It is a proud smile. A tender smile. A fatherly smile.

Next she spots a little dark head that he is carrying in his front pack. As he nears the top you can see two little dangling arms, two dangling legs.

She runs forward and clings to her husband and her new baby boy. They fumble with the many straps, struggle to lift him out and then finally, finally FINALLY she is at last holding him in her arms...and in her heart. She is sobbing and shaking as she holds him, the enormity of the moment overwhelming her.

She kisses her husband and turns to face her waiting family.

She walks over, shows him to us and says, "this is our son!"

He is introduced to his little sister. Their family has doubled in less than a month.

Welcome home Isaiah Melkiso. Welcome home and welcome into our hearts. You are muchly loved.

Love your Auntie,



  1. I LOVE this post. Some friends of mine brought their son home from Ethopia this week too. What a blessing!!

  2. Can't wait till we meet Ava Berhanesh on Saturday! Awesome!

  3. Have mercy, the tears. I needed a bit of warning there, friend, I could have rescued my make-up.

    So happy for your family and your new nephew. Beautiful photos of a beautiful moment.

  4. Wow..that was a powerful posting Amanda...but oh so wonderful & what a blessing to your entire family!

  5. Oh! How wonderful! I got choked up as it brought back memories of bringing home our new baby only 7 weeks ago. Of course, she only came from California but the feeling of seeing my husband and my children in the airport waiting for us was indescribable.

    Congratulations! Also - I love your writing style. Fun to read.

  6. tears flowing mouth smiling how amazing!

  7. I loved the way you wrote it and hearing it from your persepective too! :) good work!

  8. So beautiful and touching and it's making me feel all gushy and...(.sigh).

    Congrats to you all!

  9. Oh my - that brought me to tears (and I'm at work) - beautiful story and pictures....Thank you so much for sharing Isaiah with all of us!

  10. Sweet post there Auntie! Can't wait to see him in person. I remember feeling those same things when the VP twins came from China...never will forget that moment. So happy for you all!!!

  11. Oh, this post had me almost tearing up! He is so beautiful. What a beautiful family!

  12. Praise the Lord! I need to go dry my eyes now!

  13. How beautiful this is. What a sweet, sweet blessing for your family.

  14. Two Thumbs Up Amanda.. once again you captured the moment in words, which only some can do! :)

  15. Crying in Texas.....What a beautiful little boy to join an already beautiful family. Congrats.

  16. You're KILLING ME!!!!

    I don't need to be crying right before going trick or treating!!!!!!!!!


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