Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ain't Nuthin Chic About Anti-Diarrhea Medication...

You always feel ultra cool when you make an emergency run to the all-night convenience store to pick up a 24 pack of anti-diarrhea capsules and a spray bottle of bleach bathroom cleaner.

Do you ever wonder what the checkers must think? Did they look at my behind when I was walking out the automatic doors thinking, "hmmm, that girl's got the trots"?

I always feel the need to casually bring up in conversation with the checker that no, it ISN'T me who is sick.

This time I didn't say anything...leading me to wonder if they were in fact wondering,"how bad can it be that she needs a 24 capsule supply AND spray bleach? Wonder what her bathroom looks like?" as they surreptitiously squirted a hefty dose of hand sanitizer.




  1. I usually wonder what the checkers are thinking of my purchases. When I had a sneaking suspicion that I could maybe be pregnant with my first . . . and we maybe weren't quite ready for a first . . . yeah . . . I set my pregnancy test AND a box of condoms on the counter. I'm sure that got a laugh.

  2. oh i feel for you! but i must say that many cashiers don't even pay attention to what folks are buying. i was a cashier part time at target while i was prego and one of my single friends walked through with condemns to see what i would say and i didn't even notice! she was like "ummm, lisa, aren't you going to ask me what those are for??" (turns out she had a friend coming back from a honeymoon and wanted to decorate their apartment.) haha

  3. Like L.R. said - SELF CHECKOUT! That's what I do. :)

  4. I get really embarrassed when I have to buy stuff like that or even tampons! My husband can't figure out why I get embarrassed by having to buy personal feminine products and usually will offer! Gosh I love that man. I bet he'd give the stink eye to the casher/bagger just daring them to say something about his purchase!Marissa

  5. Then there was the time I purchased a pregnancy test 16 years ago, when they were quite new, having 4 children already, ages 15-5, I was feeling a bit anxious of what people would be thinking about me. Tryng to be as non chalant as possible, I went to the local drugstore across from my husband's office (this local drug store was one where everyone knew everyone, and actually wrapped feminine hygeine products in white paper, taped up like a present so no-one would know) I picked up the test with some mascara and foundation to throw them off...I did not know the clerk, but apparently she did know my husband, and then, in front of other customers, she commented, "I hope you and Rick get good news"...ugh...I could have died!

  6. I think it would have been obvious if it were for you if you sucked back 3 of the anti-d pills right after you bought them and then chugged down some 7-Up... maybe dry-heaved a little just to add in the mix. THEN they'd think it was for you.

  7. "hmmm, that girl's got the trots"?

    Thank you for that. Cherry coke just SHOT out my nose! I feel pretty.


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